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In this article, we will talk about how the 2 Minutes Strategy works and how you can use this incredible strategy that Cristian Ap created so you can increase your profits.

What is the 2 Minutes Strategy?

It is a strategy that Cristian Ap created , he specializes in trading the binary options market. Although this strategy can be used with different markets such as CFD or Forex, Cristian Ap recommends that if you want to trade in two minutes, only use the strategy in binary options. This is because binary options is the only market in which you can trade with instant signals, this name is because they are signals with a short expiry time.

What is the best strategy for binary options?

The best strategy that you can find in the whole trading world is 2 Minutes Strategy, since its method of analyzing the market is about support and resistance, it also includes Bolinger bands. You can use this wonderful strategy with any type of trade, this is due to its effectiveness and high precision in its signals, as I mentioned before, Cristian Ap advises you to use it only for binary options. He also advises you to visit his virtual academy called BLW Trading Academy so that you can learn basic concepts about the world of trading and about binary options if you are a beginner.

Another advantage of this amazing academy is that you can learn to trade with the 2 Minutes Strategy and can get effective signals that transform into a big increase in your real account, without the need to analyze the market.




The recommendations that you will see below are directed by Cristian Ap, since they are tips that can help you not to make mistakes that turn into losses in your real account, and with this you will avoid going through a bad time.

  • News: You should avoid trading when the pair you want to use has three news, this is because the pair will suffer from many instabilities, and this can cause you some unwanted loses. In addition, you can lose all your money achieved in the day, so please do not forget this very important rule.
  • Volatile Market: The volatile market means that it is not safe to trade as it is too unstable. You will be able to notice the volatility of the market once you place the indicators, since they will move in a crazy way without having a proper pattern. Then Cristian Ap recommends you not to trade with your real account so as not to generate a loss.

How does 2 Minutes Strategy work?

Now, I will show you how to set up your broker so that you and other people can make big profits when trading with 2 Minutes Strategy.

  • Time frame: Regardless of which broker you use; you must set your time frame for two minutes and your expiration time to two minutes so that you can take full advantage of this incredible strategy.
  • Indicators: You must add to your broker a Moving Average a period of 6 in green or blue, then you must add a Moving Average period of 14 in yellow, and a Moving Average period of 26 in red. You can also add the MACD if you want, and its settings would be 20,12 or 26 and 9.
  • Enter: After you configure your broker you must wait for the blue or green line to cross the yellow line to enter. If the blue line is going up and it crosses the yellow line it will be a Call, but if the blue line is going down and it crosses the yellow line it will be a Put signal.
  • Exact time: For the 2 Minutes Strategy to work properly, you must enter at exact times. A clear example would be that if the signal was sent at 13:22 GMT, you should trade until 13:24 GMT, you should not enter 20 or 30 seconds later because this strategy will not be effective.



Customer service

2 Minutes Strategy is part of the BLW Community, so if you have any query regarding this strategy, you can contact the BLW support team. You can contact them by email which is:


I will tell you my experience using 2 Minutes Strategy and following the advice of Cristian Ap, I was able to increase my profits in my real account. Also, I was able to learn a lot with BLW Trading Academy when I just started to enter the world of trading and Cristian Ap’s videos continue helping me understand many strategies or terms.

So, I 100% recommend that you use this wonderful application and enjoy all the benefits it contains.