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Quotex is a great broker that will allow you to sign up, deposit money and use their trading platform to make money! This will allow you to trade different assets on the market, including Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, even stock indices, etc.

This broker is available worldwide, which is important. It is a broker that has regulations in Central America and Europe. This means that if you do not locate yourself in these sides you will not be covered by the security of this broker. In fact, it is a very reliable broker. Let’s know more about it!

Withdrawals with Quotex

When it comes to withdrawals, the same broker offers you withdrawals through Bitcoin, which is very good. Cristian tells us that he made 3 withdrawals. He made 1 in March and 2 in April. The withdrawal was around 50 thousand dollars, which reached his Binance account without any problem. This is a good thing about the broker because we can know that they don’t want to steal our money!

Yes, Quotex will offer you other ways to withdraw money in other countries. In our specific country it can only be done through Bitcoin. You just have to keep in mind that bank transfers or credit card transactions take much longer! Many more verifications, and the process is slower, bitcoin takes about 1 hour, so it would be better if you stick to this specific method.

The best trading platform!

Believe us, Quotex is one of the best real trading platforms in the world. There you can find all the pairs, you have currencies, cryptos, raw materials, you can practically trade anything. You will be able to see the payments of each one of them. Cristian advises you to go with a minute of time, since it is the strategy that he uses. As we mentioned before, you will have access to instruments, such as additional indicators, drawings and all these objects moving on the Japanese candlestick time frame.

The best payments with Quotex

We are going to mention something regarding this broker, and it is the good payments that it has! Wonderful right? These payouts range from 87 to 71. You can find like 14 pairs that have a higher payout of 70% which is a good thing. In other brokers you will only find about 5 or 6 pairs that pay more than 70%.

How to avoid losses with Quotex?

Something very important is how to avoid losing money with this broker. The first advice would be to follow Cristian AP’s YouTube channel where he will teach you to identify the best entry points for different strategies!  There is also the option for you to see our BLW Trading Academy which is totally free.

There you can find all the basics for Binary and Forex! A second piece of advice is not to trade any other asset class, just stick with global currencies like EURO, DOLLAR. Etc. Always make sure you are not trading with more than 5% of your balance.


As a final point, the Quotex broker offers you a free demo account where you can trade with up to ten thousand dollars! So, practice everything that is necessary! We hope that the information about this broker will help you make a decision and also take knowledge and train yourself in an appropriate way.