Is Quant Express a scam?

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Today, it is time to make a review about a system called Quant Express. So, this is interesting because Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW always tries the different systems and platforms to show you if it is possible to make money with them or not. But, this time, he told us that he tried the system and he thought that he had been scammed but then he was not, so we are going to talk about it here!

First, what is Quant Express?

So, this is a next-generation investment platform designed to democratize algorithmic trading on digital asset exchanges. Quant Express is a platform on which any user can easily make high profits. They propose to take on the most difficult part of investment management, and risk assessment and leave you with the most pleasant thing – making a profit. You can get daily for 22 days, 6.5% in return, and you can invest in bmb, bitcoin, dogecoin, Litecoin, USDT, and so on! It is pretty simple as you can see, you only have to make a deposit and you’ll start making money!

What was Cristian’s experience?

Cristian AP told us that he never wanted to make a video regarding the withdrawal process of Quant Experts because a few days ago, he realized that his initial deposit had been already recovered, which means that the system looked good.

So, he says that after a while of using Quant Express, he saw an error message every time he tried to log in, which made him think that it was just a scam. He made his research and discovered that the system has been in the market for a few months now and it has received a bunch of DDOS attacks, like hacking attacks, and even with those issues, they have been able to give withdrawals to people. That is interesting, and it shows us that they are not trying to scam people.

He says that since he saw the error he thought “I am not going to invest in this” but then he decided to give it a second chance, and he invested around a thousand dollars, and guess what?

What happened with his investment?

The system works, and the website is still good, Cristian tells us that it was a big mistake of his own to judge them. So, he showed us his platform, logged in, and made a deposit.

He showed us his deposits and we saw that it has been active 13 out of 22 days and 14 out of 22 days, so once he finished with that, he was going to be able to withdraw his initial deposit and his profits. Those payments combined make a thousand dollars, which is great! He showed us that he had a thousand five hundred dollars and in about 24 minutes he was going to get another 6.5% return out of his investment, and in five hours he was going to get his 6.5% again, and so on.

Then, he showed us his earned profits, which were 0.0396 and he converted the amount to USD which was 1,115 dollars, which covered his entire balance!

But was it possible to withdraw the money?

So, what made Cristian think of a scam was the fact that the page was showing errors, so maybe it was not going to be possible to make a withdrawal. But in one of his videos, he showed us that his withdrawal was waiting to be approved.

And guess what? After a few hours, he got the withdrawal! It was not immediately, he had to wait a few hours, but it worked! It took him two weeks to finally make the withdrawal because he was looking at the wrong click button, that was the issue!

So, when you open your account and make your deposit, you should make only one deposit and you’ll see a message that says, “Payment coming in 18 hours” and so on, you will get the payments at different hours, every 24 hours after your deposit you are going to get 6.5% which is cool!

We mentioned before that this system has survived attacks from hackers, and despite that, it is still helping people with their withdrawals, which shows us how trustworthy is. This passive income system is worth it, so now that you know Cristian’s experience with it, you should give it a try!

How can you join?

The steps for you to join this great system are easy! Go to this link: then sign up and get access to all functional dashboards. After that, you will be able to invest your deposit in any 6 cryptocurrencies of your choice, then you will start making profits!

So, what are you waiting  to try it? As always, remember to only invest what you can afford to lose, and then let us know how  your experience with it was!