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As you know, in BLW we are always looking for ways to help you make money, that is why today we will talk about OTC World, a new platform that promises to help us, we will see if it is trustworthy or if it is just another scam!

What is the OTC World?

It is a commercial website, so, the system looks for different prices in cryptocurrencies. It also buys low and sells high, making profits within 3 hours, giving 3% profit every day, which sounds awesome, right? We’ll see if it is truth…

We will leave you the link so you can visit the main page:  as always, Cristian AP tried this software, so we will see how it was for him!

Warning from Cristian AP!

Cristian AP tried this software and did his own research about it, so after that he has a warning for us! It seems that this page is quite like “COTPS” do you remember cotps? Cotps was a page that promised to help us make money with passive income but then it started to have “issues” it never worked again and end up being a scam! It disappeared overnight with people’s money!

But what is the difference between WORLD OTC and COTPS?

So, the main difference between OTC World and COTPS is that OTC World has a Telegram channel in Spanish, this company seems to be legitimate, it has been going all over the world spreading the WORLD OTC and generating money for many people.

 It is very interesting to know that this company has visited Peru, holding events so that many people register and start earning money with them! This is not a secret. We don’t know how long this trading system is going to last. It is worth mentioning that it has already been to other countries.

So, we can say that it is very likely that “COTPS”, COTPS was copied from this company since the compositions became too viral. These became quite viral among many Youtubers, and we do not know if that is why they stole all the money. We can say that the original company is WORLD OTC and not COTPS.

Cristian AP invested in WORLD OTC

So, Cristian Ap placed an investment in it and could see that it was giving him some profit! Then he tried to make a withdrawal, which took less than 8 minutes for to reach to his account. As we can see, the withdrawals are easy to make!

Well, suppose he invested 8,000 dollars, 3% would be 240 dollars a day, for 7 days a week he would have a profit of 1,600 per week! You can make money with this!

OTC World system is for you!

This is what we want you to understand, it is a compound system.

What does this mean? when you start investing you are not going to withdraw your profits or anything like that, you will not receive separate profits, so it will continue to increase until you decide!

For example, if your main balance is 50 and you make 3% daily, at the end of the first month you will have 95 dollars, at the second month you will have 182 dollars and the third month it would be 349 dollars! It is extra money that will help you a lot

So, this is what we want for you!

We believe that the key point of this system is in the first month, where we advise you to withdraw your initial deposit immediately. The other way could be that you deposit 1000 dollars and let 3% per day be made and you do it for 3 days, you would earn around 90 dollars and after a few months that will already be good money! These would only be a tip or suggestion for you!

Our conclusion about World OTC!

As we have just seen, WORLD OTC is a system that promises many profits for many people around the world. Then withdraw your first deposit when you already have your first profit and let your profit grow on its own, this way the money will be risk-free. We hope that the information we have provided in this article can help you!