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It will always be easy to place money in a broker, they will accept it without any problem. But what happens when you want to withdraw it? Here you’ll discover how a withdrawal works!

How to withdraw money from your account?

You can easily request this. In any type of broker, you must have a recent reference account. This is where you will receive the funds you have requested.

Remember that, depending on each broker, this will be the time it takes to process said withdrawal. Some brokers take 3-5 business days to give you your money. Remember this is not instant. On some occasions, the deposit with a credit card or mobile wallet is usually done in a few minutes. Always depending on the bank and the payment service provider.

Commissions to withdraw?

This issue is something that varies among all the brokers that exist in these markets.  This is because some charge small fees. But others do not charge a single penny.

Remember that these operations are sometimes charged to cover third-party expenses. Withdrawals can be made from funds from sales that are the same day or the next day. Another option that you have and can do is to invest the income from your sale in new securities, this can be done immediately.

How long does a transfer from the securities portfolio to your account take?

The time for this procedure may vary depending on the previous bank. It normally takes a few business days. However, in some cases, except for foreign bank positions or employee program positions, delays may occur for technical reasons.

Next, the first thing you should do is check the status of the transfer of the securities portfolio. This, speaking with the selling depositary bank. If the transfer depository bank confirms that the positions have been transferred, this way you can contact customer service.

Now we will give you some tips to avoid being blocked by a broker.

These are recommendations from Cristian, so you don’t have any issues while you withdraw your money.

– Number one, go through verification before making a deposit. This is so that all your data is clear and they do not have any doubts about you. Once you have passed the verification, go ahead and start trading.

– Withdraw through bitcoin and not withdraw through any method. At the end of the day, one of the things you should keep in mind is that bitcoin is a decentralized financing, that’s why many people and companies prefer to use Bitcoin. With this, you will avoid the difficult regulations that banks give.

– Tip number three, do not withdraw more than 50% of your balance.


Each broker has its steps to make the withdrawal. For this reason, if the indicated process is followed correctly, there should be no problems when withdrawing money! We hope that the information in this article is of great help and thus you do not have problems when making your withdrawals.