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So, it is time to know what is going on with IPrime capital, maybe you remember that in our previous YouTube videos we showed you when we deposited 5,000 dollars, and thanks to the platform we were able to get 25,000 dollars. But then what happened? The next day the platform just stopped working and it disappeared, then we saw a message from IPCLOUD that said, “the system was hacked” and as you know, that is suspicious, and it can make us think that it is just a scam!

We have not put this on the blacklist because the system is still working, and it still shows us the 25,000 dollars balance that we have, but it is weird because if we access USDT we can see the options to withdraw, deposit, and to swap. But if we go to IUSD we cannot see that option, which means we cannot withdraw.

But, what is IPrime capital?

It is a Fintech International company that brings financial services to thousands of users worldwide, they say that professionals are working together to serve the financial market. They also affirm that they have all the licenses and permissions of the respective authorities so you cannot have any issues when trading with them.

So, what does this mean, we cannot withdraw?

This means that you will not be able to withdraw, we have seen a lot of videos and it indicates to us that we need to visit the “mining section” so we made a try and we deposited 100 dollars in bitcoin to see if it was possible to withdraw, but it was not.

What it says is that if we want to withdraw those 100 dollars, first we need to invest in IPC mining. So, there is a limit to withdrawing, you can only withdraw 100 but you must buy a rate of return of 100 So, for example, if you have 25,000, you must deposit 25,000 to withdraw, and we do not trust the platform a lot because it could take a lot of time to make the transaction.

So, we can only invest in IUSD the same amount that we want to invest in USDT, which it is not good because you must invest the amount that you supposedly want to withdraw, and the system is so slow and it will take a lot of time! So, in USDT we have a lot but in IPC we have nothing, and as we showed you before, there is no way to switch them.

So, with the 100 dollars, we swapped from bitcoin to USDT, we changed the maximum amount and we made the swap, so we have it in USDT, but for you to get that in IUSD, as we mentioned before, you need to invest $100 so then you can withdraw.

What will we do?

We will wait for a couple of days to see what happens and to see if it is possible for us to withdraw in IUSD, but this is very suspicious and we think that it could be a scam, so, our recommendation is that you wait and that you make a research on what mining is. Then, you can give it a try only with the money that you can afford to lose, as we always tell you.

It is not worthy…

To be honest, it cannot be so much worthy because you will need to deposit what you need to withdraw, so it is still in our blacklist, we will keep you informed with more details if they give us other information within the next few days, in the meantime, remember that there are other ways to make money that you can find in our YouTube channel!