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$3,000 TO $100,000 challenge with Binbot Pro, is it back? BINBOT PRO is a website where you can select a list of robots to trade and make money. All you must do is choose them and activate them. Then the robot will automatically place operations for you.

How does Binbot Pro work?

It allows you to place one trade per robot at a time with 7-minute expiration time and using 10% of your balance. One of the coolest things about this robot is that it shows some money management that some other companies do not offer. It allows you to choose how much money you want to invest, as well as how many trades you want to make at once.

The option of placing more than one operation per robot is blocked. This will help you more to control your emotions, which is awesome! When only placing one operation per robot will benefit you when you can activate or deactivate the robot at any point of the day.

So, there are some bots out there that basically if you use a VPS, it will run automatically for you and won’t actually let you close it from anywhere in the world. With Binbot Pro, just connect it to a broker and go ahead and activate it on your computer. Or you can log in on your phone and just turn off the robot in case you don’t want to place any more trades.

Warning of using Binbot Pro!

One big caveat when talking about automated trading systems is that you have to keep your eyes peeled. Especially if you are trading Binary Options because these have a short expiration time. Remember that with Forex you can just let the operation run and come back within a couple of hours and see where the trade is.

When it comes to Binary Options, if you come back after two hours, then you will probably have an empty account. So, once you get attached, wait for it and just monitor your trades. One thing that is very nice about this specific robot is the fact that they offer you different types of robots depending on which pairs you like to trade.

Minimum deposits with Binbot Pro

Each robot requires a minimum deposit starting at $250 and going up to $4,000. With these robots, Cristian was able to go from $250 up to $10,000 about 2 years ago. Now he wants to take, for example, $1,000 and get up to $100,000 on this challenge!

Cristian tells us that he will start with a balance. Then he will let the robot work every day. This challenge will take 4 to 5 months approximately. We will leave you more information in the video below and the link of the robot so you can use it!

Binbot Pro does not have a demo account

We want to mention that this robot does not offer a demo account as such, which is unfortunate, since you will not be able to practice beforehand. Some of the brokers that can be assigned to you could be CO-BINARY. There is the option that you also use IQ OPTION. One last thing to mention is that payment takes approximately 50 minutes with a balance of $3,000. We want to mention that this robot is unfortunately not available in the United States. So, keep this in mind!


So, if you want to do what Cristian is going to do with Binbot Pro, go ahead! Just sign up and we are very sure that you will have very good results!