IQ Option Manipulated my trades
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So I was trading, right? Using my IQ Option broker, nothing weird going on. I was actually testing the 2 Minute Strategy in 1 Minute time frame, no 3 Bull News or anything. Then suddenly I lose one trade for 1-3 pips. I found it normal (frustrating but normal), but then the WEIRDEST THING HAPPENED…

On my last trade, I lost in the last second by 1 PIP!!! Yes, 1 freakin pip, and I couldn’t believe it. However, it seemed kind of fishy to me. So I went to TradingView to compare the closing price, and that is when I found out that IQ OPTION HAD CLOSED THE SAME CANDLE AT THE SAME TIME BUT WITH 1 PIP DIFFERENCE!!!

I actually have seen some comments in my video below where people say that they have experimented the same type of “lagging” when trading with IQ Option, and I agree that whenever we enter trades in IQ Option and the pair is just a little volatile, the entry price suddenly changes (most of the times in a negative way for the prediction of the trade) and we all seemed ok with it.

But I do think now it’s time to SPEAK UP!

Watch the video here

I didn’t like what I saw this time with IQ Option. I do want to stress out that this broker has never given me any problem, and that I trust IQ Option to death, but I didn’t like this event, and I am not the type of person that keeps it for himself.

Anyways, I wanted to share this experience with you, my loyal follower, and I recommend you to watch the entire video. In that video I shared also how the 2 Minute Strategy performs in 1 Minute Time Frame, which will be super important if you are a turbo trader.

Watch the video here

Thank you for reading.