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Do you remember iPrime capital? we have been talking about it in our previous articles, and today we have an update for you! We will see what happened, as well as the experience that Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW had with it.

What happened?

The official website of iPrime capital is officially dead, once you click on it to enter it does not let you enter, or it tells you that “it currently cannot result in the requested domain”, or it indicates to try a few minutes later, this is really nonsense!

The worst part is that a lot of money was stolen, a lot of people were duped into putting their money into a forex robot that was supposed to work great, but it seems that it is just another scam!

What is Cristian’s opinion about iPrime capital?

Cristian AP tells us that he was able to earn about 5 thousand dollars with this robot, with this he had accumulated around 24 thousand dollars.

But how was the withdrawal process in iPrime Capital?

So, at the time of withdrawing he could only withdraw a part and in the end, he lost 5 thousand dollars. The problem with this is that many people came and deposited 50 thousand dollars or even 100 thousand dollars, and at the same time they started releasing communications indicating that “they had been hacked” and a lot of other excuses. All we know that once they start saying this, it is probable that it is just a scam!

iPrime capital, a scam!

Plus, they created their own token which many people also bought, they decide to give it a new opportunity, the modality was that, if you wanted to withdraw 10 thousand dollars, you had to deposit another 10 thousand dollars. Now the website and app stopped working! So, they just stole people’s money.

Faulty application, iPrime capital does not work!

As you can see, we are showing you lots of proofs that confirm to us that iPrime capital is just a scam!

Cristian AP tried to install the application again, which began to give him some types of problems, it told him that the internet was not stable and strange messages appeared. This means that the application as such does not work, this was called cloud ipec, this was a mining service so you could move the money that you had in iPrime capital, but you had to deposit into this account, so that was crazy! It shows us that all what they want is our money.

Scam exposed!

Scammers are being exposed right now, we have no more information but the information we are giving to you now is real, so you must stay away from this app!

iPrime capital will not come back!

If you were hoping that iPrime capital was going to come back with your money, unfortunately, it is not going to happen, it is dead, unfortunately, it’s a big scam. You know the risks that these markets have, if this had been something legal, we would have made a lot of money, but it is not!

What is our conclusion?

IPrime capital, as we mentioned in the article, was a tool that worked well at the time, but then they just decide to steal people’s money! Remember that there is a very high percentage that you can be scammed in these markets. As always, we got this information from the experience that Cristian AP had with said platform. We hope that this information can help you!