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Is IC-Markets a scam? A lot of platforms out there are just trying to steal our money. But is it the same with this platform? We’ll see it in this article!

It was once Cristian’s main Forex broker, now he only uses his MT4 platform to use different indicators. So, we’ll see the experience that he has had with the broker.

IC-MARKETS apparently was a regulated broker

Cristian tells us that he started getting commissions from IC-MARKETS. This, for about 3 months with a total of $300. Then Cristian decided to withdraw his money. So, they told him that he couldn’t do it unless he would use SKRILL as a withdrawal method.

But Cristian doesn’t trust the withdrawal with that platform. Why? Because a few years ago he withdrew some money and had many problems. And now IC-MARKETS comes to push him to withdraw by that means, since by bank transfer it is not possible.

So, here’s our recommendation! If you still have money and can still withdraw, go ahead and switch to another broker. Apparently what IC-MARKETS wanted was to keep Cristian’s money in the broker. Or they wanted him to withdraw the money through that platform that doesn’t work in our country.

Conversation with IC-MARKETS!

Now we will talk a little about the conversation chat that Cristian had with this broker.

He contacted IC-MARKETS…

The first thing he did was contact them and ask: “Why I can’t withdraw money through bank transfer?” And he told them that he didn’t want to use Skrill. He told them that he didn’t even use it anymore. And what did they do? They told him to make the question again!

They were avoiding his request!

So, Cristian copied and pasted the question again. And they asked: “How can I help you?” Cristian asked the question 3 times and what they did was avoid the question without a specific answer! Cristian kept insisting with the question. They told him that they were going to check his profile. Then, they told him that to make bank withdrawals he had to use Skrill as suggested by the IC-MARKETS team. So, what did he do? Cristian told them that in 2020 he made a withdrawal through bank transfer. So, now what was the problem?

They took a while to respond and said: “Can you clarify your question a bit?” It is clear that the customer service of this broker is terrible!  Cristian wanted a specific answer to what he was requesting. He asked again: “Can you explain to me why the funds in my account cannot be withdrawn via bank transfer?”

He was going to expose their scam!

He told them that he wasn’t a normal merchant. That he was a YouTuber and that if they did not help him, he was going to expose them. So that’s what he decided to do! They replied that they were not withholding the funds at any time. Plus, they also told him that they had sent him an email on how to withdraw the funds. Cristian tells us that this is just a method to delay payments. So, this is a warning for people who are using or thinking of using IC-MARKETS. Now it is just a SCAM!

How do I deposit Cristian?

Many people have asked Cristian how he made the deposit at IC-MARKETS. So, he made it through a credit card and then received some commissions from the referrals. But now it is somewhat illogical that you want to withdraw through Skrill. There is no reason at all. They do it to hold the money and somehow not pay the users!


You should not trust IC MARKETS! Unfortunately, it ended up being a scam! If you still use this broker, try to withdraw your money and switch to another broker. Cristian used to recommend this broker in the past, about 2 years ago. But now he doesn’t do it anymore!

So, hopefully this information will reach many people and help them not to join IC-MARKETS. Please share this information to your trader friends and leave us your comment about the experience you had with IC-MARKETS.