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In this article, you will find information on how to start trading in case you do not have a penny to invest in any broker or any application that is dedicated to send signals.

How to trade with $0?

Now, I will show you some of the tips that can help you become an expert trader if you do not have money to start investing in the virtual market.

  • Demo account: If you want to start trading without having money in your bank account, Cristian Ap recommends that you use a demo account so you can understand how the market works. Look for educational videos that can help you find reliable, effective strategies that you can use in this demo account so you can test if it is a scam or really works. Some brokers have available the possibility of becoming an affiliate merchant, the function of affiliate merchants is to promote the broker in which they are operating and attract customers to that platform. Remember that each broker has its own policy, and the conditions can change, for that reason,  you should investigate with all kinds of information that can help you fill your head with knowledge.



  • Good quality product: You must make sure brand to carry out an analysis and verify that the product is not a scam because it could bring you too many problems, since other people will accuse you of being a scammer and nobody will believe in the content that you promote. In addition, you will be on the blacklist of scammers and there is a possibility that you will not receive any reward from the company, but if you promote a good product and that can help more people to earn money online, you will receive good comments and you will grow and earn a high level of commissions for your promotions.
  • Create content: If you want your product to have several views and many customers interested, you will have to make videos or some other type of content that can help you attract people. Some brokers or platforms require that they be promoted by social networks, so you must upload videos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Another option would be to open a channel on YouTube, upload recommendations on the products that you are affiliated with, since you can promote several products at the same time and obtain more commissions than you can receive if you only promote a single product.
  • Commissions: By promoting the products of the companies where you are affiliated, you will receive commissions with which you can finally start trading. You will obtain money that will be deposited in the payment option that suits your needs. With the collected money you will be able to start trading and earn even more money with the successful transactions you make during your trading time. I recommend that you do not use all your money to trade, as some markets may be news and there is a chance that you will take an unwanted loss.



  • Reinvest: Cristian Ap advises you not to get used to receiving money from commissions, because even if you earn too much money, it is better that you reinvest it in a safe and effective way so that your capital can increase over time, but you should not lose the patience because this type of processes do not work if you want to speed them up because they can have negative results, have too much patience and believe in yourself.

In which market should you invest?

If you are an expert trader who has looked at strategies, educational videos or even books and you know how the market works, you can start trading any type of market no matter if it is Binary Options, Forex, Commodities or Cryptocurrencies. But if you are a beginner trader, I recommend that you start trading in the binary options market because compared to other types of markets that you will find in this market, you will be able to get used to how trading works, you will also have to look for real information that will help you to understand and distinguish each of the markets that you are interested in learning to trade.


I will tell you about my experience taking these steps to invest without having money in my real account, I can assure you that they have been very useful to me because thanks to my effort looking for information and platforms that I can promote in order to receive a commission, I was able to start trading in the binary options market and over time in other types of markets. Now, I am an expert trader who can perfectly understand how the market works and be able to do a good analysis to make profits during my trading. Next, I will show you a video that can help you understand in a deeper way, what you have just read and begin to understand how online markets work.