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In this article, you will learn the basic tips and concepts that will help you understand how the binary options market works.

What are binary options?

Before you start trading in the binary options market, you should know what they are so that so you can distinguish the various types of markets that you will come across along the way. Binary options are a type of financial option, which means that, it is a virtual trade where you can win or lose money, you as a beginner trader will have to indicate in which direction you think the candle will go and choose the pair and the time of expiration you want to trade.

What concepts are used in binary options?

Now, I will show you all the concepts that are used when you start trading binary options, as this will help you better understand how to interpret the market and know the meaning of many concepts.

  • Call: This concept refers to the direction that the candle in which you will find yourself betting will take. If you think that the candle will go upwards, you should look at the broker that is available in your country and click on the address that says Call.
  • Put: This concept means that the candle in which you want to operate will be directed downwards and you will have to choose the Put option in the broker that you trust, since this will indicate the direction that you believe the asset will be directed that you are using.
  • SR: It is also known as Entry Price and this will indicate the exact moment where you must enter the signal, when the candle that is moving at the time you are trading and it touches the SR, it is time to start trading and you can define whether it is a win or a loss.
  • Expiration time: This is intended to indicate the time that you will find yourself operating with the candles that arise in the asset that you are using at the time you perform your daily trading.
  • Pair: Another name that you will hear to refer to this concept will be Active; this means the set of two different currencies that can help you generate extra profits, and you can analyze according to the strategy that you are using so you can predict its direction in a correct way.
  • Time Frame: It means the time with which you will analyze the market before making a transaction, this will help you to be more precise with all your signals and the strategies you use to generate profits.
  • Instant signals: All signals that have an expiration time of less than 5 minutes will have the name of instant signals because the expiration time they handle is too fast.
  • Maximum expiration time: The maximum time to operate in a binary signal is about 15 to 30 minutes, since the market usually changes drastically if we use expiration times greater than one, and if you want to operate with longer times, I recommend you trade in the Forex market.
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How to trade binary options?

Now, you will be able to find two safe methods that have helped Cristian Ap to obtain profits in a fast and effective way in each of the transactions that he makes the day.

  • Invest in knowledge: This means that you must go to a 100% real and effective education site, this will help you fill with knowledge about the world of trading so that your analysis can be more accurate, you can obtain more profits and take advantage of the best opportunities offered by the market. The site that I recommend you visit is the academy created and founded by Cristian Ap called Binary Options For Beginners, since it offers all kinds of information that can help you understand this type of market in a safe and reliable way, now you can find the link for you can visit the page:
  • Free knowledge: This type of education focuses on all the information you find on the internet for free. An easy method that will help you search for trading education are YouTube videos, as you will be able to understand in a better way and this is because many YouTubers show their screen so you can see what they explain to you. I recommend that you visit the Cristian Ap channel because you can find out about everything related to the world of trading for free:


My experience using binary options for my daily trading, has been effective since I have followed the academy and each of Cristian Ap’s videos to learn in a faster way how to trade. Below, you will find a video with which you can learn more in depth about everything related to this type of trading.