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Here’s how to prepare before a session with the 2 minute strategy! We’ll show you all our secrets to be profitable when using this strategy! It is one of the best strategies and it has an accuracy of more than 90%, which is wonderful!

When you do it continuously and correctly you will earn hundreds of dollars with this strategy! Let’s see the tips you must follow to take advantage of this strategy!

Prepare for the strategy analyzing the market before

It’s all relevant to what we’re going to tell you right now. You must always check the markets before starting your session using the 2 minute strategy. We are going to start by giving you an example of what you have to see whenever you start using this strategy.

We have to see if the strategy respects when we are in resistance. So, lok at the resistance and support, you must see if the strategy has been respected.  At least four previous moments where the 2-minute strategy had to be respected.

The blue line has to cross the yellow line for you to actually enter. If we have a green candle, but the next one is actually red, it wasn’t really honored. Then there’s a complete mess here and that’s where you have to pay attention. If you see the 2 minute strategy is bouncing around all the time, and you don’t exactly understand if it locks on a call or put and the red line is in the middle, you should stay away from this.

The best days to trade

You must prepare yourself in the best way before trading with this strategy! You will have to take a look at a second pair and if you miss it is because it was not respected. We just want to mention that Fridays are usually pretty crazy when trading.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you will be able to see more money than on Friday. We wanted to mention this so that you can have a different result. The first thing that Cristian advises when trading with this 2-minute strategy is to see if the strategy is being respected and then start trading and start making money.


So, we hope that this information is valuable and that you can get the most benefit. We also hope you are enjoying this 2 minute strategy!