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It’s super important to prepare yourself before a trading session. In the following article we will see a tutorial, or a tour of what Cristian does personally every day before starting a session with his account. For people who do not know Cristian, he is a trader and businessman who works with Forex and Binary Options. His objective is to try to share all the experience he has had over the years. And of course trying to give you some kind of shortcut to avoid certain mistakes that he himself made in the past, so that at the same time you reach success a little faster.

Do not do something that is not in your plans during your session!

One of the mistakes you should avoid is going to do something you really shouldn’t do or doing something extra. The first thing Cristian does is get to his office and turn on his PC. Sometimes he leaves it on because he is uploading a video. He does this to get the feeling of trading!

Check the charts during your session

The second thing he does is open the vidcom trade, which is the trading view. He is really looking at the charts and trying to see the market movements. And, trying to understand exactly what has been going on within the real trading world while you were asleep. Trying to understand if there are different patterns that you need to follow during that day.

Watch the daily news

The next step is to open the economy calendar, you must see the news. So, you get up in the morning, open the trade view, look at the charts and see that you are able to trade a specific pair. And then check the news. With the news you are really going to determine what the day will really be like. As far as volatility is concerned, at least in the patterns that affect the most. You will have to check if there was 3 news within the commercial world and depending on which currencies will be hit, an example of the euro. So, if for example the euro is hit 3 times during the day you would have to stay away from that currency as there will be a lot of volatility. Cristian decided not to trade on Fridays because there is a lot of volatility for certain trading pairs.

Choose a single strategy before your session!

One of the next steps is actually choosingA a strategy that you will trade with. A mistake that many people make is to choose 2 or 3 strategies for the day. nd it is not exactly what you should do. What you must do is choose a strategy throughout the day. If, on the other hand, you are just looking for signals, we can recommend you to join the BLW signals group. You will not have to worry, just put it and apply it and just choose a correct administrator. So, take this into account to start earning money.

Do not choose a daily goal!

One last point that we want to share with you is that you never choose a daily profit or goal. Why? Because every time you set a daily goal. For example, today we want to make a 10% increase in the account and you try and you can’t. And the next you already have to make 20% and you lose again, then you will be all frustrated. At this point emotions are already taking control over your training. So, what you have to do is set weekly goals, for example, put 25% increase per week, so it doesn’t matter if you lose 7% in the day, you will have more days to replace those losses. So set it weekly and then you won’t have the daily stress, we guarantee this won’t spoil your emotions and just keep up with each day.


Thank you for reading this article, we hope this information will help your business career and put into practice what we share with you. For much more information, so we invite you to visit Cristian’s YouTube channel, you can find much more information.