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If you want to start in the cryptocurrency business, this article is for you! We are going to talk about MetaMasx and how we can take advantage of it in order to make money!

What is MetaMax?

It is highly important that you know what this is. It is a crypto wallet that is used for D5 and adaptations to NFTS. So, the platform will allow users to store and manage account keys, broadcast transactions, send and receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Plus, it will securely connect to decentralized applications through a compatible web browser.  For example, if you need to buy an NFT you must have an account in MetaMax, this will allow you to store and manage the transmission of account keys, and send and receive Ethereum cryptocurrencies based on tokens. As you can see, it will allow you to connect securely to these centralized applications through the web as it is compatible with any browser!

But what are the advantages of using it?

Once you start using this wonderful tool, you will have some good features:

– MetaMax is popular: this platform is commonly used, so users will only need one plugin to have access to a wide range of Dapps.

– Simple platform: this means that users will only have to remember a list of words and the transactions will be signed with their names.

– Space-saving: in MetaMax, users should not download the Ethereum Blockchain, since it will send requests to nodes from the users’ computer.

– MetaMax is integrated: Dapps are designed so that you can work with MetaMax, so it will be much easier to send Ether in and out.

Why do you need MetaMax?

Since it is a browser plugin that will serve as an Ethereum wallet and is installed like any other browser plugin, once you install it, it will allow you to store Ethereum in other ERC20 tokens that will allow transactions with any Ethereum in a very simple way. This is a wallet that you can use for yourself, to transfer or transact with any ERC20 wallet.

How to open an account in MetaMax?

At this point we will see exactly how you can open an account in MetaMax. You must visit this link: and then download the wallet. You should know that MetaMax supports Android and IOS web apps along with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extension.

Then, click on the MetaMax extension and click on “get started”.

The step three is to create a new MetaMax wallet. Click on “create wallet” and then you will see a new window, so click on “accept”. Then you will need to create a password for your account, and once it is done,  you will have to securely store the seed phrase for your wallet. It is super important that you save that on a safe space so your information can be safe. And that is it, your MetaMax account will be ready!

How to add a Binance Smart Chain?

You must click on Network, then on “Add Network” and you will need to fill out a form with the details that they will ask you. These are the details:

Network name: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.


Chain ID: 56

Currency symbol: bnb

Block explorer URL:

Then, you click on save, and your chain will be added! You can buy the bnbs if you want to, with Google play, credit card, and so on. 


So, that will be it for today’s article! We hope that this information has been useful for you and that you can try MetaMax! Remember to follow all the steps that we already mentioned to you so you can successfully create your account!