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In this article, you will be able to find information on how you can start earning money on the famous YouTube platform and some tips that can help you achieve your goal.

Do I have to show my face?

To start generating a source of income with YouTube you need to upload videos but you don’t necessarily have to show your face. If you dedicate yourself to conducting tutorials on how to learn to operate in any virtual market, showing your computer screen, showing a PowerPoint presentation or any other platform that contains information on the subject you want to discuss with the public. Also, if you want to make craft tutorials, you will only have to show your hands with the materials that you will be using, if you are interested in making food recipes, you will have to show the ingredients, how to prepare them, and without showing your face at any time.

In this way, you will be able to receive an income without having to show your face at some point in the video. Although if you show your face, you will be able to obtain a closer link with the people who are watching your video and thus help them to ensure that you are a trustworthy person, but as I mentioned before it is not mandatory.



Choose an industry

You must choose a topic on which your YouTube channel is based and have the necessary knowledge to talk about that topic. Do not think that because the topic you are developing is too unusual, there will be many people who are interested in that same topic and will love your content. Remember that you can talk about the topic that interests you and you must contain a great deal of knowledge so as not to provide false information that can cause serious problems with the people who follow you, since it will be an educational channel and your objective is to inform other people on the topic you are exposing.

It is important that you choose a topic that interests you 100% because if you choose a topic that you do not like and you will only use it solely because it generates money, at the end of the day you will get tired of making those videos and end up abandoning the project. For this reason, it is very important that you are passionate about the topic you choose and really love it

As we are talking about a niche, you should know that there will be more channels on YouTube that will earn more money and have more audience than your videos, but you should not be discouraged because for this reason you should avoid at all costs choosing a topic solely to generate views on your videos, because in a couple of years you will get tired of making those videos. Thus, you will be doing something that you love even if you do not receive many views, but you will never burn out on that topic.

Does YouTube pay to make videos?

YouTube would definitely pay you for the videos you make, but not a lot of money. The average you could receive in 2018 is about $1 most of the time for 2,000 views. This depends on the niche and the keywords that you use during your trading, although there is currently an event called the YouTube Apocalypse that has generated a drop in payments and the only way to receive a lot of money is to have millions of subscribers on YouTube your channel.

If you generate 1000 or 3000 views you can receive a payment of $700 or $1000 at the end of the month, for this reason it is true that they pay to upload your videos, but you cannot earn enough to become rich if you just started uploading videos.



Affiliate marketing

If you become a YouTube affiliate you don’t have to need millions of views or subscribers in order to earn a decent amount. This type of affiliates are dedicated to making reviews about different products of the brand that you are working on, and they can get a commission for making this type of videos. You can earn the commission at the moment you enter the link of the product that you are talking about, and a person makes a purchase with that specific link, you can obtain up to 7% commission for the purchase that has just been made and that way you can increase your capital.

Remember that you must create an environment of trust with the entire audience that watches you and you must promote products that you would use to make sure that you are not a scam, because in this way you will lose subscribers and views in your future videos.


This type of information was taken from a person who is a YouTuber is known for making informative videos on how to learn to trade in the virtual market, reviews on any product related to that topic and advice on how to become an expert trader. Now, you can find a video of this incredible YouTuber where he explains this topic in more detail: