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Weekends are not just for resting, we can also use them to make money! So, in this article you will learn how you can make $135 on a weekend, and you will learn how the OTC market works!

OTC in binary options trading!

The first thing you should know is what OTC trading is. It means “Over the Counter” and it refers to the process of how securities are traded through a network of brokers at a centralized trading location. This type of over-the-counter trading may involve stocks, debt instruments and derivatives, which are financial contracts that are derived from the underlying value, for example, a commodity. This kind of business are carried out outside the scope of organized markets. So, at the moment that you trade during the weekends, you’ll see “OTC” which now we know what it means. If you trade in OTC with binary options you are not trading in the real market, it is a mirror of how the market was during the entire week.

So, you need to be careful with how much money you put on it and how much money you will risk!

Which broker can you use?

Maybe you are wondering which broker you can use. So, our recommendation is Quotex. It is available worldwide but it is it is not suitable for people under 18 years of age. It’s actually one of the best brokers, if not the last one we’ve used for the last few years.

We have been using this platform for many years and we honestly love it! It has a nice platform and a demo account where you can practice any type of strategy. We have used it for more than a year and it is a very good platform. It also has very good payments, we can mention that right now in OTC we are at 88%.

It has a very fast trading platform where we can use turbo trading without losing any entry opportunities on top of that it offers you bitcoin withdrawals, which are one of the best things available right now! That is one of the reasons why we’re using this platform, and we can even move our money to USDT or just keep it in bitcoin. We recommend you this platform and if you are using another, now is the time to switch!

Can you trade in OTC?

It is very important that you know if it is recommendable to trade in OTC or not. We recommend you to just use it to practice with a demo account, but, if you have some extra money and you don’t mind if you lose, for example, 100 dollars or whatever, you can start doing some challenges on the weekends and start working with OTC trading. 

If you are going to operate and invest 100 dollars and for example you get up to 450 dollars, withdraw your profit and always leave the 100 dollars. This could be a good exercise to put it into practice. And as always, we recommend you to do this only with the money you can afford to lose.

A strategy that you can use to make money!

We are currently using a good strategy, and we’ll give you a free webinar for it! If you want to take the training, you must use this link:

Only 100 people will be able to join so hurry up. All you will need is to enter your name and email, then you will be taken to a webinar where you will be taught what the strategy is.


We hope that this article has helped you know what OTC is. And remember, if you want to start trading OTC get as much education as you can first so you can be prepared and you can generate profits!