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If you are just a general MT4 user and you are thinking of switching to a Mac computer or have already done so, then you probably have problems with installing MT4 on it, in this article, I will show you and help you to install MT4.

It could be a MacBook air, MacBook pro, whatever it is, I will show you exactly how to do it, this is a very easy way to do it, this is the ultimate tutorial

To install MT4 in our Mac we are going to use a broker called XM this is the only one that I recommend, and it was very easy to use, that’s why I will do it you must use this link, you don’t really need to open an account with them to be honest, but this is the broker we will use to install. These are some of the advantages that trade on MT4 with a Mac, offers you:

Now follow the next steps that I will give you


Once you are on the website all you need to do is go to platform and choose MT4 for MAC, it will show a new image in your Window, you will have to close this and there it tells you everything so you can open a demo account, I recommend you to do that: You can open a demo account or a real account with them, it is really up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

The main reason why I am teaching you how to install it exactly on your Mac computer, is because I see that many people have problems getting the BLW FX TOOL which is an app we launched, and a lot of people want it and that’s awesome, but the problem is they have a Mac, and they don’t know if it’s going to be right for them. I’m going to go ahead and install MT4 and then everything else is exactly the same as if it was a windows computer so yes, if you are planning to get the BLW EFXO you can access it by clicking this link


Once done, you will be able to use this tutorial to install MT4 on your Mac computer, so now that the download is finishing (it will take a bit longer than expected), then what we need is to open the folder which is usually right here in the browser , surely it is there, in the download section.

If you notice that is the second one because the first one is fine, now that it is actually there, what we must do is simply click and open the form to install it, it is very simple with a Mac computer, right now it’s like downloading or verifying the package. If you notice it says the MT4 package can’t be opened, because Apple can’t, or I can check if it’s malware, so that’s fine.


We’re going to press ok and what we’re going to do is go to system settings, here we’re going to open where it says SECURITY, make sure everything is ok, go to security and privacy, we’re going to click on it or double click on it.

Then we’re going to open an option, we’re going to go to privacy. If we look at, XM global, it says it was blocked for use, because it’s not from identified developers, so you can click open anyway and that’s pretty much it on privacy, sometimes you’ll need to turn it on but right now I don’t think that’s possible it will be necessary and as you can see it’s checking.

We can close this and now it will allow us to install it, click open, you’ll get basically the same warning, so here, you’ll have to click continue and install it. It will ask you for a password, by the way, it says that the installation will take a few minutes.


Then we press OK, and it says; “do you want to move the installation package to the trash?” Save it in case you need it in the future and now all you need to do is search again and type XM. So, if you notice we have an XM file here. You’ll double click on it, it’ll take a bit longer than with Windows, it’s completely normal, and by the way, MT4 will be a bit slower on a Mac. You will notice that you are opening MT4 on a Mac, this is where you will need to choose the server, the server can be anything related to your own broker.

It could even be an XM broker; sell IC MARKETS and you’re going to hit scan. Then you will choose whatever server you open.

Once you’re inside, you’re going to log in and press them to finish and that’s it! A broker account with IC MARKETS even though this was an MT4 platform for XM directly. As I mentioned before, I logged in with my empty MT4 in IC MARKETS there you go, now you can configure the functions you need, you will be able to notice your balance will be there, your account history, so we are ready to go! This is the easiest way to install MT4 on your Mac computer, in a summary, but we recommend you to watch the full tutorial on the video below, so it can be easier for you!