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It is 2022 and surely you are looking for a way to make money online! This is the right place for you because we are going to show you an amazing way to make money, the BLW Signals Group!

What is the BLW Signals Group?

It is basically a website that Cristian AP created with a group of expert traders, they will analyze the market and send you their analysis so you can follow it and make money! At the time of investing there you only need to place the position, later you will obtain the signal and you will be ready!

You will get Binary Options and Forex signals. And if you purchase the 6 months or the yearly package you will get 1  month free in our BLW Turbo Strategy App, an amazing indicator for binary options. The best of the BLW Signals Group is that you will get access to a social community where you will be able to interact with our admins and ask them the questions that you have.

How to follow the signals?

Following the signals will be easy! When it comes to Forex, you will need to enter the entry price, set your stop loss and your take profit, and that would be it!  Our Forex and Binary Options admins will do their best to send you the best opportunities in the market. Plus, we measure the results based on the pips or the risk-reward, related to Forex at least, when it comes to Binary Options we measure the results based on the percentage of ITMS and OTMS that our admins get during the week.

Binary Options signals results

Now it is time to know the results that our signal providers got last week.

-LESTHER, 15 wins, 5 losses, which is an overall of 75%

-HARRY, 10 wins, losses, which gives us a total of 66.67%

-MAJO, 13 wins and 4 losses, which is an overall of 76.47%

-PRASANNA, 5 wins and 5 losses, making an overall of 50%

RAJESH, 16 wins and 5 losses, which gives us 76.19%

And then we have a total of 59 wins and 24 losses, which gives us 71.08%.

 As you can see, it was a difficult week, but our admins are always doing their best to improve and to give you the best possible results! Remember that these results will always vary depending on market conditions, so, we are sure that next week they will do a better job!

Forex results

Now we will see the results that our Forex admins got. We will not see each one of them, but we can mention that we had 1083 pips in profit and 329 pips in losses. So, it gives us a total of 753 pips, it is not the most important thing, what matters the most is the correct risk/reward ratio, we had a risk-reward ratio of 30.51, so, risking 2% gives you 61.02% of return. So, if you got  100, then this is going to be 60 or so in benefit!

Results of the BLW turbo signals given in the BLW Signals Group

Let’s go ahead with BLW Turbo App signals,  we did 195 dollars which is 66%, it’s not the best result but it’s not bad either! Those are signals from a new group that we have, it is 100% free, available with every plan, it is a combination between the BLW Turbo Strategy and the BLW signals group. It is a powerful combination!

Accessible packages in the BLW Signals Group!

We offer you three amazing plans so you can choose the one which works better for you!

-1 month package, for 47 dollars you will have access to every function!

 -6 months package, for 247 dollars you will also have access to all the features, but you will not only save 35 dollars, you will also get the downloadable version of the BLW Turbo Strategy App.

-Yearly package, with this one you will save 137 dollars, you can start with a month if you want, and then you can change to 6 months or one year and you will make money in all those ways!

In conclusion, we can say that no matter which package you choose, you will always get a profit, we are sure about it! We hope that you have found the information in this article useful!