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How real Binary Options traders make money? Do you want to know how? Well, Cristian AP, one of the best binary traders will share his secret with us. We will see what is the strategy that binary options traders use to make money. The important point of a strategy is that you always have to follow only one. So, the problem with knowing too many strategies is that you don’t understand which one you have to follow and you will never master any of them. If you master a strategy you will be above 70 to 75% with a very profitable rate and you will be able to make money constantly.

Real traders know that long trades are better!

The second thing you should understand, and it is just an opinion, is that longer trades play less with your emotions. We are not telling you that they are better or worse. So, this is mainly if you are a beginner to binary options, once you are able to control your emotions you will be able to jump into turbo trading.

What’s the strategy of a real trader like Cristian?

Now that you understand these points, Cristian has been sending signals since 2016 and it is exactly the same strategy that continues to work. He still makes money with it! And thousands of users around the world continue to use it.

The first thing you need to do is actually have a support and resistance level for this strategy. You will have to focus on one pair if you have at least 2-3 hours to invest in binary options. Maybe you can focus on 2 pairs that establish support and resistance. When the price starts to pull back to this is called support resistance, so the price will touch and fall a bit.

With this strategy you need to understand that you can trade for 15 minutes because it is the time of the candles. You can even enter for 30 minutes, so it means that you will enter for two candles. By the way, by the time you reach three-win trades there is no reason why you should continue trading. Why? Because at the end of the day you already won some money. We can even say that you can place 5 operations and even if you have 4 losses and one win there would be no problem.


To conclude with the article, we can tell you that it is not as difficult to trade binary options as many people think. The problem with binary options is that you are overwhelmed with so much information that you do not know exactly where to go. So, remember that this strategy works for a certain percentage and you have to master it for it to give you these results.