This article will be very interesting for you! We’ll know more behind the story of Cristian AP, a professional trader and the CEO of BLW! He is a person with a lot of knowledge. And he will show us what he did to become an expert. And he will give you tips that surely will help you!

When did Cristian start?

His path began in 2014 when he had his first attempt to be a day trader. And that is how little by little he was introduced to binary options! “It was a friend with whom I worked in a call center who gave me the idea to create my own company,”. He says, and then he decided to start.

Cristian was victim of a scam at the beginning!

He tells us that he was scammed by an Indian company. It gave him clues or instructions on how to create his call center. The company supposedly was going to hire Cristian and even more friends. But then they realized that they were scammed because this company never paid them. This was the first failure and that is why he decided to get fully into the world of binary options. So, this leaves us a lesson! It does not matter if you fail at the beginning, big things are waiting for you if you are persistent!

Get as much education as you can!

When that happened, the opportunity to be a trader and learn more about the business process of day trading opened up for him. And he started reading Forex articles as well! Remember we always tell you this “educate yourself a lot” then you’ll see results!

The mistake that Cristian made

One of the mistakes Cristian made was being focused only on what he could do. But he wasn’t focused on what he needed to have! He skipped this part of education instead of seeking knowledge, he just wanted and was looking for big bucks. And this is a very common mistake when you start. As you can see if you do not learn about what you want first, then you’ll not see results!

Cristian also followed signals!

When Cristian focused on binary options, he started following signals. He started earning 300 dollars a month. And he had to pay 290 dollars, it really wasn’t a very big profit for him. So what did he do? He decided to save 100 dollars, he realized that in three days he would have a total of 180 dollars!

And it was when he said “then I can make 1000 dollars in a week or 2 weeks”. Then it was where he made a change and he did not continue with the signals. Because on the third account he was left with nothing for following the strategy called martingale. It is one of the strategies he hates! We are not saying that it is a bad strategy. But you must find the right one for you so you can get profits.

Educating yourself is the key!

After seeing all these kinds of mistakes and losses, he started with his real education! Instead of watching videos on how to make millions of dollars, he started focusing on technical analysis. Also, resistance strategies with Japanese candlestick patterns, money management, and so on.

“Instead of trading, I was reading and practicing. At the same time on demo accounts,”. He says, once he had everything set up he funded an account with $20. That became $100, then he got to $400. Then he made a withdrawal of $300 to only have $100 left in the account. He took the $100 and turned it into $1,000.

So, what Cristian tells us is that we have to seek the real education that we need. This, to help us with our commercial careers.

What can we learn?

After all this time, Cristian has been able to create a BLW trading academy that is totally free. There you can learn binary options and Forex from scratch and at no cost, which is the coolest thing!

He wants you to learn and become an expert too! Here’s the link We are sure that with this training you will find everything you need to know. We hope that the information in this article can help you!