If you want to make money this article is for you! Today we’ll show you what you can do to make your account grow! Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW and an experienced trader, will show us his secrets to make money every day! 

Do you have a small acount and want to make it grow?

When we say small account, we mean an account of $200 and below. This is the minimum that brokers accept. Although with Pocket Option you could deposit $50 and $200, which is taken as a small trading account!

What’s the secret to make your account grow?

You must use the 1-minute strategy! For people who do not know it, is a combination of 2 different indicators. One is oscillator and the second is RSI!

When you can combine these 2 powerful indicators you will be able to understand when a condition is oversold and overbought. You’ll be able to enter a trade based on the retracement of the same trade.

Cristian AP has been using this specific strategy for a long time, approximately 1 year. At the end of the article, you’ll see the full video explaining this. And you’ll see a link of the website where you are going to get a FREE webinar to learn  this specific strategy!

You will be able to find topics such as, the setup of the strategy. Also, how to get the best entry points, what are the best pairs to trade, etc.

Trades that Cristian placed

Now let’s talk about the trades that Cristian has placed with this specific strategy. He placed a couple of trades on EUR/GBP. And as usual, Cristian AP always enters at the cross on the stochastic oscillator.

What tip does he give to us? Remember not to risk more than 5% of your balance. Cristian was placing trades for $5 starting with a balance of $95. So, at the end of several trades he managed to get his account to $135. Making a total of $40 profit in a single session! It is wonderful!

Take this in consideration!

You must consider 2 factors to grow a small account, the first is to take risks with a small account. And the second. If you operate with a small account, it will make it much easier to recover. If in any case you lose everything.

In case you are Trading with a small account, the risk is totally low so you must be willing to lose the $200. Cristian tells us that if we want to grow a small account, we will have to risk a little more. If not,  unfortunately we will not be able to do it!

If you risk a little more your account will grow faster. This applies if you want to grow an account, if not simply continue trading as you were doing it.

A nice tip for you!

If you actually plan to grow your small account risking 5% is good as long as you enter three to five positions. So, winning 3 of these positions is going to make it profitable! Now, if you win all 5 trades it will be super profitable! Don’t forget this magnificent tip!


As you could see in the article, Cristian gives you the most important tips that he has put into practice to grow his accounts! If you follow in his advice, we are sure that you will also have many profits.

We recommend you visit Cristian’s YouTube channel. Watch the videos of the 1-minute strategy, which is the one he uses to generate money faster

We hope that the information we share with you can be very helpful for your training as a professional trader!