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Have you heard about this Gold Forex Auto Trader? Well, today we’ll give you all the information you need about it. It is an auto trader that belongs to the Valeria Michenko website. This robot is one of the most exotic that Cristian has used and that he still uses today.

You can use them on platforms like MT4 and MT5 that actually allow you to trade automatically! Amazing, right? So, what you have to do is simply download and install the gold auto trader. Then, let it execute operations on your behalf. Cristian tells us that he has used it for more or less 4 weeks and the results have been very good!

What broker does Cristian use?

The broker that Cristian is using for this specific Gold Auto Trader is XM. He considers it to be one of the most trusted brokers in Forex. It is a broker with regulations for the foreign exchange market. Remember that you can use it in MT4 and MT5.

Last week’s results with the Gold Auto Trader!

Now let’s look at the latest data. One thing that’s different from the last article when we talked about this is having a loss. It is the only difference. The last information was obtained on December 11. This week a victory of 595 dollars was obtained, another for 61, 60,62,63,61 and thus more or less the operation that was lost was the one that was placed the week passed for $300.

The other positions were actually won! Cristian has a profit of 1,308. This is almost the target of 5% in the financed accounts and for 8% it would be 400 dollars more.

Cristian uses his FX book

Cristian decided to go ahead and sign up with his FX book with this specific broker. So he’ll keep track of everything with this specific auto trader in his FX book. It started on November 28 and by December 6 it was already at 0.06.

On December 7 it was 0.42, on December 8 it was 0.67 and for the date December 9 it was 1.18. So, this book shows one day at a time. Cristian had a total profit of $587 which is like 2.3%. So it’s 1.18% per month. Give it a try and you will be very excited to earn money easily!

How can you get this Gold Robot?

We will share the link with you so you can visit their website. All you need to do is go to the expert advisors and choose the Golden Pickaxe Robot. You can find a free trial. Once you use the free trial you can go and buy it. The price is around $1200 so it’s actually something cheap.


So do not miss this great opportunity, go to the link and try this robot and start earning money in the easiest way! We hope that the information we provided can be of great help to you.