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Today we will talk about the 2 best brokers in the binary options market, you can use them with a specific strategy we will show you! The first is Pocket Option, which has very good tools to operate, and the second broker is Quotex, both brokers work incredibly well with this strategy. We will leave you the links to each of them, https:/ /

Who created this awesome strategy?

Cristian AP was the one who created this strategy, and he tells us that it works simply. If you go to his YouTube channel you can find 6 videos talking about this strategy. At the end of this article, we will leave you a video so you can start!

Hitting $10,000!

Let’s see how everything was with this strategy. Cristian started to place ranges and could see that the RSI was touching the stochastic, they were about to cross, it was specifically in the GBP/AUD pair where the payment is 90% and he placed 1-minute positions as usual in this strategy.  How does the strategy work? remember that it works in 1 minute, you must set up your broker in 1 minute and set up the RSI and the stochastic as default! Then it will start working!

With this strategy, Cristian won 3 positions of 900 dollars, each with a profit of around 2700 dollars. It is awesome, right?

Starting with the operations!

Well, everything was very easy for Cristian AP with this strategy, he started trading with 83,000 dollars and he obtained 86,000 after the previous positions were won!

As you can see, it is a powerful strategy, but we always recommend you this: get as much education as you can first, and always watch the other videos about this strategy as many times as you need, so then your results can be better!

So, Cristian AP went ahead placing the second trades and won one of these reaching 87,000 dollars, then he placed 2 trades more, he also won those positions, which gave him a total balance of 89,000! Cristian won all those positions, which is awesome!

Then it got a bit complicated, as the RSI was not touching the stochastic and it was showing as if it was going to start falling, he came in and entered a couple more trades with a better payout, which made him make about $97,000. In the last operations, it seemed that the RSI was going to touch the stochastic, these operations were won, and with this, he was able to reach 100,000 dollars.

That’s basically how the strategy works, you need to wait for the indicators to cross and use it in 1 minute, then you’ll see awesome results!


We hope now you can know how the strategy works and how profitable is, if you visit Cristian’s YouTube channel, you will be solving all the doubts you have about this strategy. 

The moment you learn the strategy you will understand why Cristian obtained very good results, of course, there will be losses, but you will win more!

If you want to learn this strategy from scratch, up to an expert level, then you have to understand the points to avoid, how to improve the strategy, etc. And if you want to make as much money as Cristian is doing now, you can copy his trades in the BLW Binary Master APP