The first thing you should know is what FX SCALPING AUTOBOT is about, it is an automatic platform for currency trading. Basically, it is a Forex scalping robot. This means that it looks for fast type positions. And, to take advantage of it, it looks for different short-term positions.

The markets have many volatile moments, and FX SCALPING AUTOBOT will find the best entry points and trade automatically. This means you won’t have to do it yourself because FX SCALPING will do it for you! So, we’ll see the results that this robot has had!

FX Scalping Autobot Latest Results!

Now we will see the results that have been obtained this month. They have been really incredible! Although there will always be some losses, but the majority are gains. We only got 3 losses in the entire month of September. And the rest all green.

The biggest problem right now with this auto trader is that the stop loss is much bigger than the take profit power. On the other hand, we got the results with 85 dollars of profit. It is not much; it will be like 4% of our balance.


Many people ask Cristian AP why he is still using this specific auto trader. Cristian has replied that firstly because he has bought the lifetime option. So, there is no reason to stop using it!

He is still making money with it. Remember that you have 2 options to really get this specific platform. The first is the basic one, a 6-month plan for $150. And a year for only $250. This is one of the cheapest automatic traders that exist for Fore.

We are not saying that it will make you a millionaire overnight. But it is very good and for 150 dollars, believe me, it is worth trying!


Remember that FX Scalping Auto Trader is an automatic system, it will be able to negotiate even at night without you being aware of it. If you need another source of income and you have the $150 go ahead and invest it!

The best about this platform is that you can contact them in case of any issue.  The email is: support @fxscalpingautobot.com

We hope that the information in this article can help you!  We also invite you to visit the FX SCALPING AUTOBOT page! We are sure that it will not disappoint you.