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The first thing we should ask ourselves is, what is a Forex robot? It is very important that we are clear about what we are going to talk about, a Forex robot is known as an expert advisor or known as an automatic Forex trader.

It is basically an algorithm, a small file that is installed on your metatrader4 platform. This will basically trade for you, it will find the best opportunities in the forex market to help you make money.

How to install it and use it?

The way to use it is very simple, everything you need to do is to install it after you make your purchase, and the process will be very easy!

Since it is an expert advisor, you will have 2 files, an MQL4 file and a DLL file, you must paste the MQL4 file in the EXPERT ADVISORS folder and the DLL file in the LIBRARIES folder.

Then you must drag the advisor into a graph, enter your license and click on the automatic trade button. These are some of the things you have to do. You must take into account the percentage of risk that you want to place and so on, remember that once you purchase it you will see other settings that will help you configurate this awesome tool!

Results that the FX Scalping Autobot gave us!

Now we will show you the results that have been obtained from the FX Scalping Autobot. We musttell you that we have won all the positions except for one and I am manually closing to shorten losses. So we have 26 positions, each one giving us an approximate accuracy of 96.15% with this great robot, the best of all is that our real balance were 100 dollars and now we have an exact 33% of increased balance.

We have been using the FX Scalping Autobot a lot!

So, this is an application that we have used approximately for 1 year, but a new version was launched approximately 1 month ago and that is the new version that we are actually using. This is really like a trader set up for scalping, not day trading, swing trading or anything else. So, if you like scalping trading, what are you waiting? this is the best option for you!

The best Autobot?

We have also used the BLW Autotrader, which is also a forex Autotrader that we, BLW, launched. But then we found the FX Scalping Autobot and we decided to try it.

But what is the best Autotrader? Actually, the best BLW auto trader is Fx scalping Autobot. The results are being better with this Autobot, it has a completely different nature. The Fx Scalping Autobot, is a scalping robot, all users have to do is to set up the robot and it will start making profits. The BLW Autotrader is also great, but it takes more time for it to send you signals, so, you will have profits but you must be patient. The way in which the FX Scalping Autobot works, is quite fast.

You will have 2 options at your disposal so you can purchase it, the basic package is for 6 months which has a value of $149 or you can also get it for a year for a value of $249, obtaining 1 whole year of signals from this Autobot.


It is of great help in Forex trading to have a robot so that it can give you even bigger profits when trading.  We hope that the information can be useful for you and that you can try the autotrader that works better for you, and of course, we will keep you informed of the results that we obtain in our way with these autotraders!