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Let’s start by saying what the FX SCALIPING AUTOBOT is, we are talking about an Autotrader for scalping operations, it means that it is an automatic trader that plays trades to generate money very fast, and you also need to cut your losses quickly.

It is an algorithm or also known as an expert advisor that can have volatile moments, but it will find the best entry points and trade automatically for you. This was created based on an intelligent algorithm that can identify market parameters, cash movements, and asset weaknesses to enter at the right time. It will also be able to read the last hours of the market and it will predict the future movements, to win trades from those predictions, users do not have to do anything other than the installation that is indicated by an expert and the rest will be done by the FX Scalping Autobot!

It will play several trades per hour and close them in a short time to make you more profitable in a very short time.

Two FX Scalping Autobot packages to make money!

On the FX SCALPING AUTOBOT website page you will find two options to get it! The first option will be for a period of 6 months, with a value of 149 dollars, or you can choose the yearly package with a value of 249 dollars. With the second option you will be saving $50 that you can use for trading! Plus, the process of purchasing this product is very easy, you can pay using credit/debit card or PayPal and as soon as you pay you will get instant access.

How to reduce losses?

You will be able to reduce your losses quickly, practically cutting them, and  you will have to do it as soon as you can.

For example, we had a pre-placed position like a long position that was around 0.0272, it was a bearish position and it started going in the wrong direction, so what we did was to close the position.

Many people tell us that they have lost up to 10 trades and only won 3, and therefore did not make much money, and this is really because they do not cut their losses quickly.

So, once you see that the trade is going in the wrong direction all you need to do is simply click on the position to close it. We are sure that once you start applying this tip, your results will change!


Many people are having some issues with this FX Scalping Autobot and end up losing their money, that is why today we will give you the solution to those issues! 

They usually have problems with the percentage of risk, the percentage that appears in this autobot. For example, 1% does not mean that it is the percentage of losses that you can obtain, that percentage that is shown is the percentage of profit. 

Every time we want to trade we are going to earn about 1%, but if a trade has a big stop loss, this really means that if you want to earn 2% you will have to risk more. If within a couple of hours you have not won the trade, close it. 

The time frame of the FX Scalping Autobot

A lot of people are making another mistake with this specific FX Scalping Autobot, we are talking about the time frame. It should be 5M which means a time frame of 5 minutes, not 50 minutes or an hour.

This should be the time frame you should use, as it is a scalping software. Scalping software means that basically you will be placing quick positions, which will not really make you wait 30 minutes, and the maximum timeframe should be 5 minutes.

We already talked about the reasons why sometimes you are not receiving the trades placed. Another reason could be that sometimes people do not have enough trading balance, you need to make sure that you have enough balance so your trade can be placed. 

What can we conclude?

As you can see, the issues that the FX Scalping Autobot may be causing you have a solution! It is a very good tool; you will only have to learn to close the operations when you start losing. We hope that all this information can be useful for you!