As you know, Forex has become very popular nowadays. That’s why we want to show you an amazing tool so you can make money with it. The BLW FX Tool.

First, we will show you the latest trading signals that have been provided with this specific Forex indicator. The last 2 signals have been sent from the USD/CHF pair.

How does this Forex indicator work?

This moving average indicator basically gives you entry points in moving averages. Cristian AP uses RTA; with this he can determine how is the price of the pips. Like the movement of the last 14 candles. If 12 is the RTA then 24 is going to be the stop loss in a signal.

Our USD CHF history on September 8 saw a total of $1,141 in profit! It is nice, right?

What Forex tools do we use?

So, the BLW FX Tool will tell you what the next positions you need to place are. And when it comes to Forex you won’t have to stay connected all day. You just need to activate it on your meta trader 4 and your phone. Then just follow the signals.

This indicator analyzes the markets and finds trading opportunities. It identifies the patterns in the forex markets and triggers the most profitable entry.

Education is key in Forex

So, take the seminars so you can know everything about this tool. You will also find videos of how to install it on our website. Everything will be very easy! Your profitability will be double or even three times more than what you are doing.

How to use this Forex tool?

It’s actually quite easy. You will only receive the signal alerts and you just need to sync your meta trader 4 with your phone. What you need to do is wait for a signal. Then, once you receive it just enter your trading view platform.

The settings are taught in a webinar, there is also a very interesting tool that you may really like. Why? because with this you will be able to trade with your MT4. This is called a position sizing calculator. With this, you will see what you are risking based on pips and lot size.

How much money can be earned with this indicator?

This will depend on how much money you are putting in.  So, you can start with 30 dollars, obviously, the profit is not going to be as much as if you were trading with 1000 dollars.

So if you risk $100 per trade you can make $500! This is not done in a day, as operations can take 3 or 4 days to reach their full potential. So, you must be patient.


As you can see, the BLW FX Tool works well. But we have news for you. An Auto Trader for this Forex tool! Cristian AP has created it to help many people. This is because sometimes you can miss an entry. So, this is going to place the trade automatically for you, but it will place it for 0.1 lots.

If your leverage allows it, you will be fine with that amount. Go and put a stop loss and take the profit! We recommend that you do it automatically. Or, if you prefer you can do it manually.

You just must download it, activate it and install it and simply turn it on! Then it will start looking for operations and placing them in your name. So, we hope that this information has been useful for you!