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Are you ready to get all the benefits that MetaMax has for you? Before, we explained to you what MetaMax is and how you could open an account there, now, we will explain to you how you can import coins while you use it.

Do you remember what is MetaMax?

As we mentioned to you before, it is a cryptographic wallet. It is a new token that recently appeared, it is a new ICO in which you need to invest! The token is coming up on June 13th, it is based on the Binance Smart Chain and it offers unparallel growth potential and consistent and stable rewards with a community dedicated to the project’s long-term and ongoing success. You are going to be paid in bnb and you can also use Binance Smart Chain, there is a bunch of things going on with this specific coin, which is awesome!

And how can we import coins when we use MetaMax?

This is super important. Before, we explained to you how to create a wallet, and now, it is time to know how to import those coins. This will be very useful for you!

First, click on “import tokens”  in the MetaMax below Assets and Custom Token.

Then, you must add the MetaMax contact address, which is this one: 0x218558fa970eb3D34D57A196D65E61d897F731Da and it will automatically choose the 18 code. So, you add it, and that is it! As you can see, it is super simple!

Cristian AP is using MetaMax!

The CEO of BLW, Cristian AP, always tries to show you the best products with which you can make money online. So, he is using MetaMax and he is doing awesome! He currently has a total of 32 million coins, that he purchased with 3,000 to 5,000 dollars approximately.

And what is Cristian´s plan?

Well, he explained to us that he plans to keep investing! He will invest about 10,000 dollars in this specific project. But he only needs to wait for the price to continue upside, and if in any case it starts moving and if he sees any potential, he will purchase more! The point of this is that as soon as you enter, you will end up making more money!

Take advantage of this tool!

What is our recommendation? You need to try this tool as soon as possible, we are sure that it will give you a lot of profits! But as always, before you start practicing any kind of making money online, get as much information as you can, in this way you will be prepared in case of any issue and you will avoid being scammed!

We hope that you have liked this information and that you find it useful! Remember to subscribe to Cristian’s YouTube channel to find more information about online trading