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Have you heard about an expert advisor to exchange gold? Well, that’s possible and it can help you make thousands of dollars!

So that you can understand well what we are going to talk about in this article, you have to know what an expert advisor is. It is an auto trader for trading MT4 or MT5. It will place trades for you so you can make money.

What you need to do is install your Expert Advisor and start placing trades. This is similar to the BLW AutoTrader. Like FX copying Autobot or even the AutoTrader version of the BLW FX tool, this is an Expert Advisor!

Expert advisors!

One of the best automated expert advisors was developed by Valeria Machenko. We will leave you the link of the website where you can find this indicator at the end of the article. She is the creator of RAIDER MQL developed in 2017. 

These robots or expert advisors are dedicated to the Forex market. Some of the robots are: Trader Scalper 900, WAKA WAKA. Cristian personally tells us that he tested the 900 PRO robot and its results were really good. If you go to her profile you will be able to see all the systems that she has created. Plus, you will be able to see the history of her performance. Also, the increases of her during the last years, all of these are 100% profitable. This is simply awesome!

Investment returns!

If you enter MQF5 and go to the market you will be able to buy extra advisors for MT4 and MT5. Actually, MT4 is more popular, this can be seen at the top of each product. The good part of these expert advisors is that they have a return on investment and are easy to use, which is great!

We have seen quite a few indicators or expert advisors that what they do is put a bunch of numbers and in this environment, they tell you to do this. But with Valeria’s products, it is easier to learn on your own! So, if you want to choose one, we already gave you 3 of the best robots!

High-profit percentages!

If you enter the FX book you will see that there is a 662.66% increase or return on investment. In August of this year if you take a look you had 152.8% with an account of $100,000 which would be $152,000. It is a lot of money! There are months with lower percentages, even a month with 17.28%, that’s a lot of money.

How much profit can you get?

How much balance do you have? Cristian tells us that all this will depend on how much money you place to operate. For example, he tells us that he will start with an account of $50,000 and now he is just waiting for his license to be activated. Of course, he will share his results and tell you what to do and what not to do. So, they are 100% feasible expert advisors!

Discount code!

Now let’s talk about the price, it’s a bit high than what we’re used to showing you, but it’s 100% worth it! We’ll leave you the link so you can have this specific price. You will be able to get a discount code, the real price without a discount is $1,050. So go to the link and get that discount to start making money!


Remember that your best option is any of Valeria Machenko’s robots. We hope that the information in this article can be of great help so you can start making money!