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Would you like to make $400 or more in profits? In the following article we will see a couple of trades from the last few weeks. This is always based on operations that Cristian has placed.

The first one he placed was on November 9th and it was for GBP/NZD at 44-5.73 with no risk. The other pair was USD/JPY placed on Nov 17. The original trade was supposed to be 12.94 risk reward ratio, but it actually closed at 5.71 high reward ratio. It is nice as you can see!

Exchange with profits!

These exchanges were through signals from the BLW Signals Group. Cristian took them in order to make money. Remember, all this is focused on the risk-reward relationship. So, if for example he loses it would be like $50 and if he wins the operation the profit is $400 to $500. That’s what Cristian is aiming for with these specific signals.


For people who ask what is the BLW signal group? It’s one of the best Forex communities in which you can make money! We’ll leave you the link at the end of the article. It’s a website created by Cristian AP where you will find a group of expert Forex traders.

The best about it is that it works without downloading anything.  You will be able to just go right into the Forex signals tab and follow the signals. And, you can enter with any Forex broker you want. You must get the entry price and then you will make profits! Remember, it is super important that you educate yourself first, then you’ll see amazing results!

How can you really be better by following these signals?

We have a Discord channel! So, once you join you will be able to start checking all the signals. For example, Harry sent a new EUR/JPY signal, Carlos sent a signal before and then everything went well. So, you can follow each signal provider right there. You will also be able to be on the website and see these specific exchanges to make money!

How can you be part of this group of profits?

It is very simple! You just have to go to https://www.blwsignalsgroup.com/ and you will see the wonderful prices available!

You will have 3 different options to be part of the group. The first one is $47 for a month with access to all the signals, the plan of the 6 months has a cost of $247. And the annual plan has a very cheap value of $427, it is worth it!


Remember that the key in Forex is the risk-reward relationship. We hope that you can join the group of BLW signals, only in this way you will be able to earn a lot of money! Hopefully this information helps you, and don’t forget to share with your friends so they can make money too!