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Is it possible to make earnings of $951? Yeah, Cristian did that with a small Quotex account. Why does Cristian have a small business account with Quotex? If you remember, Cristian had about $100,000 or so in his trading account. But, he wanted to get somewhere bigger or into an account greater than $150,000.

He now tells us that he has been a little nervous about the huge amount that he now has in his broker. So, he decided to play it safe and simply decided to withdraw the money to start from scratch. Also, he was able to realize that Bitcoin is in an uptrend, and he decided to invest that 100k in the Bitcoin account and thus have a bigger portfolio. So that’s why he now in his account will only have about $1,000 in.

Cristian’s new strategy to get earnings!

Now the strategy that Cristian has been using with these specific trades was the zigzag oscillator and stochastic. This, with 30-second candlesticks, the setup is different. One thing we want you to know is that Cristian is not a fan of having multiple strategies to trade with one or two.

He believes that it is more than enough, and three strategies are too much. At this moment Cristian has 3 strategies, but he will eliminate one that he used a lot last year, it is the RSI plus the Oscillator for 1 minute. Cristian tells us that he believes that there is much more precision when it comes to 2 minutes. So the only one he’s using is the 6X is the only one he’s using and that’s the reason many see the trades as similar.

What is the specific plan for this account?

Cristian’s plan for this account is to bring the $1,000 up to $10,000 and then withdraw around $5,000. He wants to keep the account little by little, but withdraw money every month. The initial plan is to raise it to 10,000 dollars, to be able to reach the account to 15,000 and withdraw 10,000, and so on.


We recommend you watch the video below so you can fully understand how this strategy works! It is super simple and easy to use, and you’ll make a lot of earnings!