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If you are looking for a way to make extra money through affiliate marketing, this article is for you! In BLW, we are constantly looking for ways to make money, and we have many affiliate programs that help us to generate profits! Many people have asked us about this and now we can share this with you!

First, let’s learn what an affiliate program is!

Affiliate marketing happens when you recommend a product or a service by sharing it on a blog, website, or social platform. You, as an affiliate will get a commission each time someone purchases the product you are recommending through the link associated with your recommendation. As simple as that!

BLW Binary Master App has an affiliate program!

Right now, we can mention that the BLW Binary Master App, one of the most profitable apps of BLW, is like an affiliate program, there is an average of 700 to 1000 people active in this specific product.

So, once you become an affiliate you will be able to see the plans available for clients or also for you. Then in this way you can recommend it to many more people and earn money with it!

Which other BLW products have affiliate programs?

Right here you can find the rest of BLW products that have affiliate programs:

We have the BLW FX TOOL, BLW TRADING ACADEMY, BLW PRO BINARY APP, those are products that you can promote, you must click on the product, and it will take you to the official page of each of them so you can see how they work!

For example, if you go and promote the BLW FX TOOL you can earn 90 or even 100 dollars just by offering it, so, take the products as an affiliate and offer them to all your friends so they can also make money!

HOTMART, a recommendation of Cristian AP!

So, if you are looking to sell a product, Cristian AP has the best recommendation for you! He says that he recommends us HOTMART, that is the platform that he personally uses to sell his products, this is the link so you can look at it! https://hotmart.com

So, what will you need to do?

You will need to register as an affiliate so that you can start with HOTMART!  You will be able to sell and buy products, you will need to make the registration with your name, e-mail, and a password, and of course, you need to accept the terms and conditions!

So, once you register as an affiliate in HOTMART you will find a section called “market” where you will find all the products available for all types of industries such as design, environment, gastronomy, etc.

Where will you find the BLW products?

You will find BLW products in the “finance” area. Then click on join and make promotion or spam of the product you want people to buy, remember that if they buy the product, you will get your commissions!

For example, if you recommend the BLW Binary Master App to someone and if that person is active for a year, you will receive commissions every month!

People are making money promoting BLW products!

Cristian AP tells us that when he entered on his main page of BLW BINARY MASTER APP, he found a person he did not know, but who was promoting this application!

So, this person was doing it through a video called “product reviews of 2022”, this person does this type of recommendations so that many people buy it and so he can benefit from the commissions for each purchase. Cristian could see good comments on the review or recommendation that this person made, which was great because that person is making money recommending our awesome products and it is also helping people to make money through trading!

Many other people want to earn money promoting some BLW product, but they use Cristian AP videos when it really shouldn’t be that way, you need to invest time on your own videos or reviews so then you can start making money through affiliate marketing!

You can make money while helping us!

Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing? Help us promote our BLW products, or someone else’s, it’s not just about BLW, you’ll be able to enter the market and you’ll see a lot of products. Everyone can do affiliate marketing and make tons of money!