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In today’s article, we are going to talk about a specific website, it is E8 Funding. With the E8 Funding account, you can finance up to 300,000! This is because it has simple financing solutions, you will have to complete the evaluation of 2 phases of the process to be able to access the registry.

What does E8 Funding offer?

It offers an innovative approach to providing financing to Forex and CFD traders around the world. E8 Funding has strived to create unique funding opportunities and an affordable way to become a funded professional trader, managing our capital remotely, from anywhere in the world! It’s simply great!

An easy-to-use experience has been built with essential information a merchant needs and the best technology in the industry to support it.  E8 Funding provides access to Tier 1 liquidity for all traders.

You’ll have the best financing experience with E8 Funding!

With innovative ideas, they hope to provide merchants with the best possible financing experience. This will also offer unlimited calls to your account. The balance of your account financed by your account will say innovative calendar, each stage of growth is to scale the balance of your account financed to a million in less than a year.

The first step of the evaluation is super important. There, traders will have to pay a fee for the demo account. They will need to succeed here to advance to the risk evaluation stage. You will have to demonstrate your skills and discipline. This is super important because if you do not follow the steps you would be violating the rules. And, they could even close your account.

Financing process of E8 Funding

Now we’ll see the phases of the financing process of E8 Funding!

Phase 1: It is the first step of merchant evaluation. To operate an account connected to company capital, you must ensure that you can operate responsibly and manage risk properly.

This phase has reasonable rules, where the profit target is balanced with the drawdown allowed. These rules are called business objectives. You will only have 30 days to complete this step. As soon as you meet all the objectives of phase 1, you can move on to phase 2. If you stick to the risk management rules, you’ll end up in profit! But if you don’t hit the profits, you’ll be able to try again for free!

Phase 2: This is the last step of merchant evaluation. The purpose of phase 2 is to further test your trading skills. E8 Funding needs to be sure that you can trade profitably over the long term. This, respecting capital and abiding by the rules.

In phase 2, the profit target is halved and you have a full 60 days to achieve the trading targets. As soon as you meet all the objectives, you will become an E8-funded trader! Wonderful! Always remember that if you don’t hit the profit targets, you can try again for free.

Become an E8 Funded Trader

When you become an E8 Funded Trader, your abilities are believed in. And, they will strive to provide you with the best possible trading conditions. Funded accounts are connected to the real money proprietary trading firm’s live trading account.

The best is that there is no profit target requirement to give you the freedom to trade at discretion. You are only asked to respect the daily maximum loss and to be careful with important press releases.

Choose your account type and size!

In this section, you can choose the types of accounts you want.

For them to give you an account with $25,000, you have to make a payment of $228. This is also your redemption fee. You will be able to withdraw 80% of your earnings every 14 calendar days. And, your first withdrawal is anytime after 8 calendar days.

In the first phase of this type of account, your goal is to achieve a profit of $2,000 in 30 days. And for phase 2 you have a profit target of $1,250 within 60 days. Then we will leave you the link so you can visit the website and you can choose the plan that is most suitable for you!


Finally, we can tell you that it is one of the best options to take a financed account!  E8 is your best option, remember that they will take the risk for you while you take the positions. We hope that the information in this article will be very helpful to you.