Maybe you have heard about World OTC, a trading platform that has become very popular among traders It offers you to make passive income in a very easy way! But does it work? We’ll see it in this article!

Apparently, World OTC is made up of a team of “experienced professionals” and a large liquidity group. Over-the-counter services are suitable for transactions that can range from $10 to millions of dollars. Covering most fiat currencies such as USDT and other major cryptocurrencies.

World OTC focuses on enabling free and easy cryptocurrency trading. This, without worrying about complicated issues like transaction depth and order matching.

Is World OTC trustworthy?

We found that there are people complaining about this platform. They say that it is a scam and that they could not withdraw their money! So, we found a paragraph within its official web platform with the following message:

“At world OTC we believe that honesty and transparency are the keys to success. And we attach great importance to the privacy and confidentiality of customer information. With our professional attitude, we have earned the support and trust of our customers. We will be committed to building an image of trust that goes hand in hand with you. No matter where you are, you will be able to use our comprehensive services with great peace of mind”. But then we found out that what people say is true. After a couple of transactions, you will not be able to withdraw your money!

But how do we know they are a scam?

All apps start paying and this is how a scam starts. It seems that World OTC is a fraudulent platform that pay with the money of the same people who are participating. There is no product, there is nothing real to pay for the returns they promise, just people’s money. People were reporting that after they made money in OTC and wanted to withdraw it, they never were able to do it! They last days, weeks, even months to pay your money back. Why? We do not know, but this only shows that they are a scam!


From what we have seen, it is not reliable or safe to participate in this type of website. These types of ponzi scams often do too much damage. They take advantage of innocent people and there will always be more affected than benefited. You will end up losing all your savings if you trust this scam.

We do not recommend World OTC at all. It is better to learn to detect them, since these types of creations have a certain resemblance, and to stay away from these websites the better.

Behind World OTC there is a gang of cyber criminals from China. They are the ones who create applications like World OTC, and then they will end up stealing the money of the member users.

Can you take advantage of this scam?

As we can see, World OTC is no more than a scam. But Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW, an expert trader, realized that despite the app is just a scam, you can take advantage of it!

How? apparently, the app will only let you make one withdrawal. So, what you must do is invest in it, make your profits, and then withdraw your initial investment! Then you should never use it again because they just want your money, so you must be smarter than them!

Negative aspects we found about World OTC

– The website owner is using a service to hide their identity: why? because once they steal our money, they do not want us to contact them or expose the people behind World OTC.

– According to Tranco this site has a low Alexa ranking.

– This website is host in a high-risk country.

– This website is (very) young: they are just starting and as we can see. This platform is like a copy of COTPS. If you remember, COTPS end up being a scam, unfortunately, the same happens with World OTC.


Cristian AP has tested this specific platfor. And he advised us that once you use it, withdraw your initial investment and after that do not use it anymore! It is a platform to scam users. We hope that this information can be valuable for you and that you can alert your friends about this scam!