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In today’s article we will talk about the different types of trading that exist. And we will see how we can make money with them! We will go from less temporary to greater and we will review all of them so that you are clear about each one of them. So, let’s start and learn all the different trading types! Then you will be ready to start making money with the one you like the most.

Scalping trading is different but it works!

A type of trading that is usually done on 15-minute charts. Yeah, very small charts, and there are even people who do it in seconds. That’s what makes it different from other types of trading, which is awesome.

It is a type of trading where we open and close a trade in minutes. The objective of this type of trading is to make very small movements, open and close the trade almost instantly. The less time-sensitive type of trading is done with much more emotion than what we normally see. It is usually the most typical, the one that is most often announced to us. And let’s say that it is what everyone tries to start with, but also the most complicated!

Day trading, what is it?

Day trading is done when an operation is opened and made on the same day. But in this case the operations can last several hours while they are opened. This can also be considered IU TRADING.

In this case, scalping could be considered IU TRADING because they are operations that are opened and closed on the same day, in this case in minutes.

DAY TRADING means that we go to sleep without having any open operations. Therefore, anything can happen that can affect the markets. So, the good thing about day trading is that it will not affect us at all. That’s what makes this trading type different from the others.

If you are operating both in DAY TRADING as well as SCALPING any movement that occurs due to news, or anything else, can affect you. These types of trading are what most people start with, but they are also the most complicated! So, you must get a lot of education so then you can do right!

What is Swing Trading and what makes it different?

It is a type of operation that exceeds one day. We can open a trade that lasts two days or lasts a day and a half or it can last up to a week. This makes this type of trading a nice option!

It is important to mention that the movements that usually happen due to news do not affect us! And the most important thing is that brokers are paid much less in commissions since we open operations to the market fewer times. Swing trading is usually operated normally from 1 to 4 hours.

Let’s see what Position Trading is!

It is an operation that lasts more than a week. Or it can even last a whole month. These are longer operations. Let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of this type of trading!

The good thing is that any news that occurs barely affects us, since on a daily chart those movements that generate the news are barely noticeable. The number of operations that are opened in the market are few. As a result, fewer commissions are paid, which could be a disadvantage.


Now you know the differences between each type of trading! So, study more about the one you like the most and start practicing! Then you will see AMAZING results! We’ll leave you a video about scalping trading at the end. This, so you can know more about it.

We hope this information has been useful for you! Don’t forget to share our article and leave us a comment about it!