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Do you remember that IC Markets did not pay Cristian? Here we’ll see an update! Is IC Markets a scam? Checking in the withdrawal area, you can see the history and the completed bank transfer from IC MARKETS to Cristian. They paid him!

They needed to pay him!

In the conversation that Cristian had with the broker, they insisted that he withdraw the money through SKRILL. So, Cristian told them that he could not use that method in his country. In one of the most recent emails, they told him t that the technical support was saturated and that they would cover the query that he was making.

This is because the company operates with its refund policies and each deposit method needs to be refunded on its whole. And they told Cristian that if his Skrill account was no longer available, he needed to provide a copy of the official closure of it. So, they would point him to alternative withdrawal methods, to which Cristian agreed. So, did they pay the money?

The inconvenience with the Skrill account was that Cristian made deposits from his brother’s account. So, they told him again in the mail that the names did not match, that’s what was happening.

Wire transfer to pay him?

Then Cristian told them that he did not have more details of the email that he had sent. And, in reality, he did not have to be sending those emails because it was not his account.

So, Cristian asks them again if they can let him withdraw through a bank transfer. Then he received an email telling him to please accept the apologies, for which Cristian said that if they apologize and are polite, obviously he will continue working with them. They told him that they were very sorry for the misunderstanding and that they had eliminated this Skrill account.

They also told him that he had 44 dollars which were going to be reimbursed in PayPal. Plus, the rest would be arriving by bank transfer and Cristian was calmer and more satisfied with the solution to his problem! As we can see, everything was a misunderstood. IC Markets is not a scam!

They sent him a different email saying that his communication has drawn the attention of the team. They indicate him that they hoped to provide him with further clarification for a proper solution and that at no time was it their intention to cause any inconvenience. Plus, they wanted to apologize for the difficulties that he had experienced. This is good, at the end the broker apologized with him.

Was Cristian able to withdraw?

So, they then asked for his bank account number. And they told him that he could make a new withdrawal request. So, Cristian tells us that he was able to receive the money from them without any problem! They paid him the money! This was very surprising because the customer service was totally different than the previous times.

Another point to clarify is that IC MARKETS has no connection with Skrill, but it was just a miscommunication between them and Cristian. Due to this type of inconvenience, they almost lost a client like Cristian.

IC MARKETS is still a really good broker. So, we still recommend you use it, you’ll not regret using it! Just remember, always contact their customer service in case they do not pay you, as we did! You will see how trustworthy this broker is.


Cristian’s final opinion is that it is a very good platform to trade with Forex. So, he will give this broker another chance. We hope that with this information it has become clear that IC MARKTES continues to be a reliable broker! Hopefully, the information in this article can be very helpful when deciding on a broker. And remember, you can leave your opinion about this broker in the comments section.