Cristian tips to start making money!

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In the following article we will see tips from Cristian AP. He was able to start with 10 dollars and to finish with 10,000 dollars in approximately 16 days! Maybe you think that is impossible, but it is not!

Yeah, you can win $10,000 with a small deposit of $10. So, what Cristian did was to take 10 dollars until he reached 10,000 dollars, on YouTube he has all the videos of the operations that he was placing, and he was winning until he reached his goal! At the end of this article, we will leave you a video so you can understand more about the strategy, now we’ll see some basic tips you must follow to start!

Common mistakes made by Cristian!

Of course, making that amount of money takes time. That is why we will talk about the mistakes that Cristian tells us that he made when completing this challenge. This, so you can avoid making those mistakes and so you can be successful!

Do not try to go too fast!

One of the main mistakes was that he tried to go too fast with his operations. There were days that he had Drill Downs instead of making a profit, he spent some days with anxiety as he couldn’t reach his goals too fast, and it is something that happens generally in all traders.

You need to control your emotions!

As you can see, everyone can experiment anxiety when placing trades, but you need to control those feelings so you can have good results. It doesn’t matter if you are trading as normal, you get desperate because you’re not getting the results you want. This is a big mistake, what you should do is just focus on what you are learning during the process.

Cristian started to get desperate!

Cristian kept chasing his goals, but he made a second mistake and that was to trade only because he wanted to complete the challenge, not because the market was good or because there was news or anything like that.

He was just trading because he wanted to reach his goal. Unfortunately, we end up chasing certain results and sometimes we are not supposed to enter the market because it really is not good now. So, those are 2 errors that must be considered so as not to fail when operating. Remember, there will be more days to make money, you just must be patient.

Patience and discipline to achieve your goals

Reaching $10,000 required a lot of patience and, above all, a lot of discipline. So, when Cristian was making some profits he stopped trading, the advice is to trade again the next day, relax and make some more money. You will know when you should stop. It doesn’t matter if this process takes you 30 or 40 days to take $10 to $10,000, but it will be well worth it. So, go after your goals!

What can we conclude?

Here you could see some basic tips you must follow when you start using the strategy. At the end of the video, you’ll see how it works and how to set it up so you can use it.

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