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Well, Cristian decided to hire an account manager, what happened then? We’ll see it in this article. He tells us that he was sending a friend a link to a Telegram channel of a company that was supposed to pass a challenge.

When it comes to funded accounts, they have 2 types of challenges. The first one, in which you have to make 8% profit. And the second one is when you have to make 5% profit. And then, you will get a funded account. Then you can earn as much money as you can and always withdraw 80%! So, Cristian wanted to try this company to see if he could actually pass the verification process and that kind of thing and then share it with you.

Cristian’s results with the account manager!

Let’s take a look at the current results on Cristian’s account. Cristian got an account of 100,000 to be able to pass this challenge. He placed in the first position on November 28 and earned $852. Then he made another trade where he earned $1,105!

He made other trades where he earned $438, $393 and so on. He managed to have a total profit of about 5,000 dollars. But, in one position that he had, he lost about 4,456 dollars. Then, another one for 1,123 dollars. So, he lost all the profits and 937, dollars apart from the main account. The results are not very good with this account manager. But we are not saying that this money cannot be recovered.

Cristian errors when operating!

Now let’s see how Cristian was taking the trades, or at least the mistakes he made. He tells us that he analyzed the market well with the correct timing. The issue he saw that he was making was that he was not setting a stop loss or a take profit. And, he did not remember if he was using an algorithm or trading manually.

So, the only way to stop your losses is going to be to stop the trade. Only in this way you can reduce your losses fast with the account manager. With the loss he was carrying, Cristian lost the daily allowance, which is actually $5,000. So, he contacted a support person, then had a conversation with him and ask him if he had noticed that there was an open operation.

He didn’t answer, which Cristian considers a bit rude, that’s not good for these services. We are not judging, but Cristian still has time to finish the challenge! He has until December 27. So how focused are you on my account? Cristian says. The problem with this is that they say they offer a refund, but nothing guarantees that this guarantee will be applied. It’s not fair.

Fake chat with the account manager!

Another red flag that you might notice is the chat box. Photos are shared in the Telegram group that some people have already passed the $1,600 challenge. And, others who have already passed the $5,000 challenge. 2 hours later more photos indicated that they have passed the challenge.

But, is this real? All these results are fake and only sent to trap you. Cristian takes care of his community and if he has bad results, he will show them to you. Instead, they show numbers that are impossible to obtain.


Finally, Cristian tells us that maybe it was a bad week or some people’s mistakes. By the time he finishes this challenge, he is going to reveal information to us and give us information on how it really went. So, we will keep you updated!