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Cristian AP has a funded account to make money, so he’ll tell us how it worked for him! We will see the results that Cristian obtained with the group of signals for which he almost lost his funded account.

Results that Cristian AP got last week!

We’ll talk about last week’s results. We started with Anupama with a loss, that was it. So,Cristian triggers any trades well, we have Harry at -6 on his risk-reward ratio.

As we can see, all trades are lost and then we have Rajesh at 4.54, but in the end we had a rate of -2.46 which means around a total of 5% loss. January 16 was the date of the first position and from there Cristian tells us that he has only placed non-winning positions, rather he has lost $142, $139, $150, $78, and $103. So, we can still make money!

Is it still profitable? Cristian’s opinion

If you have read other articles you may remember that Cristian has a tracker in his FX book. This is to have full disclosure of what is going on with his account. It was 5.8% and then 2.63%, and then it went up to 4.09%. Then, it started dropping to 1.22% and now it’s at 1.61%, but it’s still profitable. Yeah, it means that in the end, it is profitable, but we are trying to achieve our goal in Cristian’s funded account. He still has 25 days to pass the funded account, that’s enough time. These days are still enough. As we can see he is being transparent with these results, he now has a win rate of 56 which is bad for some people, but in the end, he is still in profit. So, the point again is the risk-reward ratio.

Cristian’s recommendation if you have a bad week?

You really have to stick more to your plan! That’s one of the plans from Cristian. You must follow your strategy and stick with the signals and all is good. The problem that is seen in many people is that they try to recover from a mistake they have made and they make another mistake again.

So, that mistake has already happened that week, what you have to do is concentrate on the following. The money you lost is already gone! If you are a follower of Cristian, we advise you to follow his advice and his signals, never go beyond 0.5% in each trade and never place more than one operation, however simple it may be, follow the instructions of the administrators.


So, we are 100% sure that this coming week will be much better and we will try to make it work! We hope that the information we share can help you make more money! And don’t forget to join our BLW Signals Group so you can make as much as Cristian is doing now.