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Today we have an update for you, regarding COTPS, the famous platform that promised to help you generate passive income. Let’s start talking about what COTPS is so you can understand what we are talking about.

What is COTPS?

COTPS is a new crypto trading platform that started in October 2021, the “objective” of this platform was to give you a return of 3.2%, and it also ran 24/7 using macro software and script. Thanks to those features, people could make passive income and get a 3.6 percent of returns every day with it. So, all of this sounds amazing right? The idea of getting passive income every day is awesome, that is why a lot of people started to join this software, they wanted to make money in a very easy way.  

Here in BLW, we decided to try it too! We always want to show you the best tools and strategies so you can make money, so our CEO, Cristian AP, joined COTPS!

How was his experience with COTPS?

This platform wanted to sell the idea that everything was going to be so easy with them, and it was! You only had to create an account, and then you had to follow some steps for your account to be verified. You also had to take a picture of yourself with your identification card so then they could verify your account, and we must say that the process was fast because after you took the picture and you sent it, it took almost 5 minutes or less for your account to be verified.

Then all you had to was to make an investment, the initial minimum investment amount to join this was 9 USDT. So, the total investment of Cristian was of $18,000, then, along with the script, it started work and place transactions, transactions that as always, he showed in his YouTube channel so you could see how this platform was working. He tried it and he used it for almost a month.

Cristian even made a withdrawal with COTPS!

At the time he was using it, he decided to make a withdrawal, which he also recorded, and the steps were also easy to follow, and the withdrawal worked that time. He had to choose the amount that he wanted to withdraw, which were $500 at that time. Then, the platform asked to use a transaction password, and again, he had to take a picture of himself to make a verification. Then, it sent a verification code via phone so the withdrawal could be possible. It took like 3 or 4 minutes for the money to be at Cristian’s Binance account, the withdrawal was so easy and fast!

And in that way, we thought that COTPS was working well and that it could help us to generate passive income! But what happened then?

When the “issues” started

A few days later, as usual, Cristian logged in to the website and a notification appeared. It was a message that said “Due to some problems with Binance, a series of processes cannot be executed as normal. The SMS channel will be reestablished normally at 00:00 on May 22nd, we are sorry for the inconveniences”. You could keep trading as usual, but when you went to your account, it was not possible, once you clicked on refresh, the message was still appearing. So, the recommendation that Cristian gave was to wait for a few days while the problem was solved.

Then it was known that due to the several complains that they were getting about that issue, it was going to be very difficult to reestablish the system.

We were waiting…

Along with Cristian, we were waiting for the issue in COTPS to be solved, and finally, at the day in which the issue was going to be solved, the message was still appearing!  Cristian had almost 40,000 dollars and then that money disappeared. And a different message appeared then, the message said “Important Notice. At 23:05 US time on May 22nd we were attacked by an illegal network and received a ransom email from an unknown hacker. The attack resulted in the loss of user data and the platform is no longer functioning properly. We immediately commissioned a major network security provider to thoroughly analyze the problems caused by this attack, and data recovery work has already begun. Recovery is expected to take 3 to 5 weeks. We are very sorry for this”.

So, if we analyze the message, they were attacked 55 minutes before the issue with SMS was fixed, which is very suspicious.  That basically means that COTPS is gone, we do not have nothing more to say! Why do we think this? Because you can’t even keep trading, you can’t do anything on their platform.

COTPS is not going to come back!

We tried to access the link and now it is gone, the link does not even work, which confirms that COTPS is just a scam, unfortunately we were scammed by them. It is up to you if you want to wait those 3 or 5 weeks, but we are almost sure that after that time nothing will happen, the money is lost unfortunately. That is why you always need to follow one of the most important advices from Cristian “always invest what you can afford to lose”. At the end, Cristian lost a total of 15,000 dollars, and we are very sorry for that. We are sorry for telling you this, but we do not think that COTPS is going to come back. You can also look for another sources of income, but it is the same risk, that the system goes away. The only safe investment is real estate, there is no other investment as secure as real estate, the binary options, forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies world are not safe.

So, do not let this news put you off, you need to keep on making money, we will do the same! How? With our experience, with our skills, and with everything that we have already learned in the past! So, if you want to do the same, follow our BLW Online Trading Channel on YouTube so you can get all the tools that are necessary to become an expert money maker!