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What is copy trading? For people who are not familiar, we’ll explain it to you! You can go to Pocket Option and you can see the option to start copying trades. You will see a list of traders and you will be able to select who you want to copy. You will have a total of the best-ranked merchants for the last 24 hours.

Basically, what you need to do is copy trade in Pocket option. You select a user, then click copy and select all settings. It basically copies the ratio so you can make money with them.

Risks of Copy Trading?

Obviously, the first risk is the person you are copying. If they are not performing well, if it is a bad day or if they are just a good average trader, that is the risk! Yeah, you are not controlling their trades.

Another risk is not setting the correct settings. This could make your account end very bad. This is because you did not set the correct settings or had a stop-loss balance level. Don’t you think there may be some risk of manipulation? Even banks do it, even governments do it! For example, imagine that there are 100 people copying Cristian and each one is making $500.

So, imagine that the broker loses all that money, what can happen is that they block the accounts or block someone else’s. So if you copy the trade there is a risk and that is why you should not do it.

Why don’t you want to trade manually?

Many people do not operate manually, since the risk of operating is high. Something that you should know and that it is important is that there is much more value when you know how to manually trade!

Why? Because no matter what happens in the market, you are still going to make money. On the other hand, if you choose to copy services with either an expert advisor or software, then the moment the service stops delivering to you, the revenue stream stops as well. So, it’s much better to learn how to manually train it so that you understand how important it is. If you want to learn for free you can go to the BLW training academy which is 100% free, here you can learn to trade for FREE.


So, as you can see, you can really make money with this, and on your own! That’s what we recommend to you! Start training with us, and then you’ll see nice results!