The ONLY and EXCLUSIVE Binary Options Competition is in BLW!

Weekly Winner gets $1,000 CASH!!!

All you have to do is READ THE RULES, and if you can comply with all the rules, REGISTER FREE and wait for the next event date! Will you join?



The Competition is with REAL ACCOUNT ONLY! No Demo Accounts will be accepted. This is in order to test your emotions and your skills in the REAL MARKET!


The Competition will be with $5 Per Trade ONLY! No more, and no less than that. The balance does not matter, as long as your trades are $5


You MUST be in the Live Stream with Cristian AP and Trade only in the Live Stream SHOWING YOUR SCREEN! Any trade placed without showing your screen WON’T COUNT!


You need to be connected the whole Streaming. You have to have a good internet connection and enough speed to avoid lagging


Phone Trading is NOT allowed. You will need a computer in order to participate. This is to ensure we are all on the same conditions


Any participant that uses someone else’s account, cheats or disrespect any member, will be disqualified


You can only place 1 TRADE AT A TIME! Meaning, you cannot use Martingale or place a second trade to recover


The winner of the contest will be the trader with the MOST PROFITS! We will all trade with the same $5 amount to make it fair


Any trade place out of turn, out of schedule or without permission will result in elimination of the competition


You can trade OTC, Real Market, Stocks, Crypto or any asset you want. You can use ANY Strategy you prefer, it does not have to be a BLW Strategy. You cannot use any indicator out of the broker (meaning MT4 apps).