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In the following article, we will talk about how Cristian AP began to achieve many of his goals! This is accompanied by a very good income from working from home. You’ll see if it is possible or not to become rich working from home.

Who’s Cristian AP?

Cristian AP is a 32-year-old businessman, Youtuber, Day Trader, influencer, and affiliate marketer. Many people do not know it, but Cristian lives in a small country in Central America, precisely in Guatemala. It is a third-world country. Many people would also say if you lived in a first-world country, you would have more opportunities. And, it is true, but it does not mean that in our country we cannot achieve our goals! And the best, by working from home!

Start of Cristian’s career working from home!

While we tell you Cristian’s story, we will be giving you some tips that will help you! Cristian’s career began with learning about Binary Options and day trading. At that time Binary Options were the most popular investment in the world. So, here’s the tip: EDUCATE YOURSELF A LOT! This is not magic.

From there he began to learn different online business models. Now, he is full-time uploading videos almost every day, with topics related to trading. He also provides trading signals and carries out marketing campaigns selling his digital products. As you can see, he educated himself a lot so then he could start taking advantage of it!

What were his first investments?

The most important thing in Cristian’s story was when he started in 2014 and 2015. He made his first investments with $1000 in day trading. This was an amount he can afford to lose. Here’s another tip we always give you: INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

He had already tried this before, but the accounts he had gone bankrupt. It was a little disappointing for him, but there was a referral program that Cristian tried, people recommended through his blogs. Cristian remembers that there was a broker to which he sent people in exchange for giving his signals to earn a little money.

So, one day a group of traders met and ended up winning $3,000.  Cristian did not think it sounded too good to be true. He had just left his traditional job. It was when he thought and said, “If I try twice, as hard I can make $6,000 in profits and if I try three times as much, I will have an income of $9,000”. It was when he realized that it was something very feasible! He was a little surprised at what he could do achieve.

At that moment, Cristian’s ambition began to grow, and he became very obsessed with making more money. But he knew he had to work hard for it! Here’s another tip: WORK HARD AND BE PATIENT, THEN MONEY WILL COME!

You can work from home with a referral program!

At one point a company came into Cristian’s life, which paid him to make referrals. In other words, affiliate marketing. He really had no idea what he was doing. But it was interesting for him, so he decided to delve into the subject of affiliate marketing, he remembers that he began to see how to rank websites. 

So, he created and schedule, here’s another tip: YOU MUST ORGANIZE YOUR TIME: He woke up at 3 and 4 am to day trade. That was the time to use his trading strategy.  In the afternoon he dedicated himself to working on his affiliate marketing campaigns, becoming a profitable merchant by 2015. It was when he grew 20 dollars and withdrew $2,200. It was very exciting for Cristian. All by working from home! Amazing right?

Combined work from home!

What he did then was make money through day trading and at the same time helping people on YouTube. Now he is helping thousands of people while he is generating money. So, in this combined way of working, Cristian tells us that in 2017 he had an approximate income of $8,000.

In that same year he went on a business trip and got some extra inspiration from mentors and friends he got to know, after which he went on to $15,000. He started doing Facebook ads and doing some marketing. He also started doing Instagram ads, so he learned all of this to meet a goal of reaching $100,000. For the year 2018, on July 30, he traded and came to earn about 67,000 in profits!

And for the last day at 7 am a new commission arrived that added up to $ 101,000, it was all his income for that month. Cristian could not explain the satisfaction that represented this great achievement. So now that money will be used for the future of his daughters. Now you can see that it is possible to make money working from home. But you need to work hard, be patient, and educate yourself a lot!

How much does Cristian earn now?

Now, in these times, Cristian tells us that with his combined work he has managed to earn more than $200,000 per month. So, he wants to choose his first property on the beach and put it up for rent. He has a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, stocks and his own savings.

Now he also has a physical business that is BLW where you can find a group of people sending signals to help you make money! While the YouTube channel talks about daily transactions, this has been going on for 5 years, but he is very sure that it will continue in the same way!


So, if you want to earn money independently like Cristian, choose day trading, and affiliate marketing. Sell your own products and earn a lot of money. If you are really interested, we invite you to visit Cristian’s channel where you will find a lot of content. You will learn step by step what you need to know to be a person like Cristian. We hope that this article will serve as a motivation for you and that you can achieve all your goals.