There is a new platform that is becoming very popular among traders, its name is CryptoHopper but does it work? We’ll see what this platform is about in this article, and we’ll know some good features of it and some disadvantages that we can find.

What is CryptoHopper?

It is a dedicated cryptocurrency trading bot founded by two brothers, one is a web designer and the other is a day trader. They worked together to create a product that could execute transactions 24/7, even when we’re not in front of a computer. The result of this was CryptoHopper, one of the most popular trading robots on the market today, with a huge number of features and a variety of plans available, including a free trial to test it before you can buy it!

What are some of the advantages of CryptoHopper?

Let’s see what this platform offers us!

– Compatibility with most major exchanges

– Easy to set up and use

– Good tutorial resources

– Market Strategy

A disadvantage that we found is that if you want additional signals, you must pay extra, we think that they should be included in the service.

How Crypto Hopper works?

This bot works by executing trades for yourself on any trading account it is linked to. To link your exchange account to your CryptoHopper account you will need to enter your API key into your CryptoHopper account.

The best of CryptoHopper is that it provides comprehensive resources for linking your account to a variety of exchanges on its tutorials page. So, once your exchange account is linked to your CryptoHopper bot, it will execute transactions according to the settings you have applied to it!

It will perform a technical analysis based on the same market conditions and then it will buy or sell your cryptocurrencies according to the trading strategies that you have established for it. This bot will continue trading cryptocurrencies in this way until you turn it off or change the settings.

The process is always automated. But it will always require your supervision, as a bear market could suddenly lead to the bot making trades that generate a negative result.

Crypto Hopper Prices

CryptoHopper offers its users 4 plans with different prices. The CryptoHopper discount codes are also very frequently available! We recommend you to ask their support team if any discount is available.

Pioneer: Free Package (7 day trial)

20 is the number of positions

• It has a portfolio management

• You’ll get a manual trading

• You’ll get it in all available exchanges

Explorer: $19 per month (try for 7 days free)

• Get 80 positions

• Obtain a max 15 selected currencies/assets

• Maximum of 2 triggers

• It has technical Analysis (TA) with interval of 10 min

•Have 1 simulated trading robot

Adventurer: $49 per month

• It has 200 positions

• Max 50 selected currencies/assets

• 5 triggers is a maximum

• interval of 5 minutes TA

• 1 simulated trading robot

• Foreign exchange arbitration

Hero: $99 per month

• 500 positions

• Max 75 selected currencies/assets

• Maximum of 10 triggers

• TA with interval of 2 min

• For signals, all currencies

• Market arbitrage

• Contains market creation

• (Beta) Intelligence algorithm

CryptoHopper Market

Once you have chosen your price level, you can configure your bot to your liking, you can choose to use the CryptoHopper market to buy an algorithm that has already been created by another trader. You will also find free trading strategies available, but for the most part, these come at a value. This will be an attractive option for new traders as they will be able to use an automated strategy that someone else created. While this will not guarantee a profit, it is a very useful tool!


As we saw in this article, the platform offers really good prices. Without a doubt, it is a very good option. We hope that this valuable information can be very useful for you!

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