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The BLW Binary Master App continues to surprise us, and it is because it is giving the best signals with accuracy from 80 to 90%!  So, today we will see the latest results that we have obtained with it!

We’ll start with the data from the first of July, during that date we got 38 wins and one loss, 39 wins and one loss, then we got 45 wins and 2 losses, 34 wins and one loss, then we had 33 wins and 2 losses, and finally, 33 wins and 4 losses, which was the worst day, and then we got 22 wins and one loss, all this gives us a total of 244 wins and 12 losses, 95.3% accuracy with this amazing app. Incredible numbers right? Remember that the numbers may vary due to the market conditions but as you can see, we are making money with this.

How much money could you have won?

How much you could have done with the BLW Binary Master App, is very simple! For each profit, we always give an average of 75%, so if the trade is lost it is -100 because we would lose the entire amount at the time of trading.

Now, if we place positions for 10 that means that you would make 7 dollars and 50 cents of profit, and if we lost, we would lose the total 10 dollars.  Right now, if we place the 244 positions that we won for 7.50 dollars, it gives us a result of 1830 dollars, minus 120 dollars in losses.

Then we have a total of 1,700 dollars in profits for 2 weeks, for example, what will happen if you were trading $500? to trade $25 positions would take us $4,575 in profit and $300 in loss would make $4,275 in profit. Incredible account numbers! You need to try this app!

Amazing BLW Binary Master App!

Now let’s talk about this amazing app, the BLW Binary Master App, it is an indicator for MT4. What this application does is that it looks for options so that you can enter certain decks for three minutes and then what you must do is simply fold them so that you get the signal.

It is also a service of live signals, where you will find Marcel, one of the best administrators of BLW sending signals. Lots of people are making big amounts of money, also you will be able to follow live signals, it also includes 11 master classes, what are binary options, how to trade with binary options, etc. As you can see, it has awesome features that will help you improve your trading skills!

2 powerful ways to use the BLW Binary Master App!

You can use the BLW Binary Master App in 2 ways, the first would be following the live signals and the second way is to follow the signals on MT4, whichever of the 2 you prefer will make you profitable!

But as always, the first thing we recommend you do is to take the 11 lessons and then go to the webinars section, you will find the webinars that Marcel has prepared for you and that will help you to take advantage of this app!

How to get this great application?

You can get the BLW Binary Master App with 3 available options, you will have to go to the price section, and you will find these packages:

-1 month: $107

-6 months: $597

-1 year: $997

As you can see, we have very accessible prices, you will have access to EVERY FEATURE no matter which package you choose!

CRISTIAN AP will be sending signals there!

As you have noticed, the prices changed, and why? Because we have amazing news for you! The signals now will also be sent by Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW! He is one of the best traders and has a lot of experience, he is also the creator of the most profitable products in BLW so this assures you that you will have wonderful results! He started to send signals on July 18th and the results are incredible! Let’s see what people said in the chatroom!


We hope that the information in this article can be very helpful for your life as a trader. We really hope that you can try the BLW Binary Master App as soon as possible, you will have AWESOME results! You will not regret of this investment!