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Today we’ll show you our prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum for the month of December!  Not all of you trade Bitcoin, we know that. But it’s actually great that we have more or less an idea as to where we’re going to start.

So, the first thing you will have to do is enter the monthly chart. Then, identify a good support and resistance level. Then, choose the lowest and highest levels and then go to the weekly chart. A chart seminar is going to give you a little better idea of ​​where the pair can actually go. It can be in a longer or a shorter direction.

Bitcoin prediction

Cristian tells us that he does not get it complicated, since he does it monthly and analyzes weekly charts. All he is doing is trying to find the highest and lowest levels of support and resistance. And then, those in the middle. After that, go to the daily chart, for example, it already had 2 levels, it had a higher level and a medium level, for which it decided to use the medium level.

You need to know where it was respected in 2020 at $14,000. In 2017 where it was analyzed for the first time, it was like $13,000.  The next level calculated by Cristian will be $12,915. What are investors going to do? Invest right now because eventually the price is actually going to jump. Cristian AP is 100% sure that the price of Bitcoin will rise. That’s his prediction!

Prediction for Ethereum

In order to check Ethereum, the analysis will have to be done exactly as it was done with Bitcoin. Identify where the support and resistance level is. Analyze the levels on the monthly chart and then on the weekly chart and you can be a little more precise.

For example, Cristian does the analysis and tells us, despite the fact that he was respected once, two or three times, it was not respected many more times. Remember that we are talking about crypto and obviously is unpredictable, but you get the point.

This is what Cristian would consider as the trade, now he is closer to start a new jump. For Cristian is okay,  he could choose a buy position, setting a stop loss. And he also needs to know what was the level that he broke.

It is always good to know exactly what is happening with a certain currency. So after all this, Cristian tells us that the price of the Dutch currency is going to continue to drop slightly. He remembers that we are talking against USD. If this is as Cristian indicates, he will earn a lot of money!


We hope that the information in this article can be of much help and the predictions that Cristian has wanted to share with you can be useful. We recommend that you take a look at Cristian AP’s YouTube channel where you will find much more content, which can be quite useful for your personal training.