BinBot Pro is for you if you want to make money with Binary Options, but you do not have time! It is a 100% real website where you can do automated trading. This, with binary options.

BinBot Pro combines different robots from one platform. What you will have to do is choose one and start earning money. You will also be able to create your own robot!

You will have to register and activate the trading account with a deposit. The minimum deposit may be $250, which is great!

How can you use BinBot Pro?

Once you open your account and make your first deposit, the robots will be unlocked. The recommended balance is 500. But when you get to this level it says 2000. This basically means that you require a higher balance to be able to use the next specific robot.

Now, if you move above 2500 as the minimum deposit there is also an option for you. You will have the option to create your own robot. You can give it your name and operate with different pairs.

You must know that each operation will be 7 minutes. And each trade 10% of the balance regardless of your balance. As you can see, it is not difficult to start operating.

Cristian is testing BinBot Pro!

Cristian AP has tested this platform placing positions of 7.7 minutes.

So, you will be able to use Stochastic MACD. And you will be able to do RSI. So go ahead and give it a try!

Cristian recommends using one of the robots that is already active. What you will need to do is click on the green button to execute. And when you click on your balance it will redirect you to your broker.

Without a doubt, you will have to carry out a very important step. And that is to verify the status of the robot’s connection for which it must be active. It will remain active for 9 days, that is why you should check it.

Then at the right side of your computer you will see a small message. It will say that the trade has been placed. You just must set up the auto trader. Then, it will make money for you!


Remember that BinBot Pro is an automatic trader. And this means that it is risky. So, if you want to have a lower risk you will have to trade yourself. But we recommend you take this risk because it will be worth it!

BinBot Pro is a trustworthy tool when it comes to withdrawals. So, if you can try it, do so. We hope that the information in this article has been helpful to you.

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