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If you are starting in Binary Options, this article is for you! We’ll show you one of the best strategies for beginners so you can start practicing and so you can make money!

This is a strategy used by Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW, it is worth mentioning that he uses QUOTEX as his personal broker. One of the best brokers for Binary Options, the best about this broker is that you can create a demo account there so you can practice without money!

Strategy setup!

It is quite simple to configure this strategy! The first thing you should do is go to chart type, click there and select your candlesticks! You need to change your 1-minute default candlesticks to 30 seconds.

Then go into indicators, it will be in the corner of your broker, and you will need to select 2 different indicators!

2 powerful indicators make this strategy awesome!

One would be the RSI, your overbought level should be 70 and the level of oversold should be 30, and the period 14, then you add it! The other indicator is the stochastic oscillator, in this you will have to see that the level of overbought should be 80 and oversold 20!

So, make sure to change these settings because some brokers do not have this by default!

What is the strategy about?

As you can see, this strategy is easy to set up, and great results are granted! The strategy consists of finding overbought or oversold conditions, remember that you will already have the overbought level in RSI is 70 and the overbought level in stochastic 80, like the oversold levels on the RSI 30 and the stochastic 20.

So, once the indicators go above those levels or below those levels it means you are either over-buying or over-selling. When this happens, all you need to do is enter a sell position for one minute and in this way, you will win the position!

What was Cristian’s experience with this strategy?

Cristian tells us about his experience with this strategy! He entered positions, but before he analyzed the market, the price kept jumping and in the last jump he won the position!  He continued placing positions, approximately 7 positions.

He uses the technique of waiting for the price to go down a bit and then entering, this strategy is at least 90% accurate. It’s very good!

Are you ready to start?

When you actually know how to employ this amazing strategy, you will see how much money you’ll be making!

Plus, remember that if you want to trade with Cristian AP, you can follow his live signals at the BLW Binary Master App every day from Monday to Friday, from 15 to 16 GMT.

This incredible strategy can give you up to 90% accuracy compared to others you find out there. We hope that the information about this strategy can be useful for you!